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Ah, the Blue Moon.  Both a beer (a delicious wheat beer, I might add) and a celestial rarity.  Who knew? In terms of actual moons, though, the blue moon is the second full moon in a month (there was one earlier on Dec. 2) – and they only happen every 2.5 years. All right, all right … so it’ s not rare in the giant squid or white buffalo way. But, still, maybe leap year kind of rare?!  And, no smurfs were harmed in the making of this moon; as it’s not actually blue in color.

This so-called blue moon is going to pop up as we’re ringing in 2010.  So, if you’re in the US (sorry Australia and Asia, you get the blues on New Year’s day), here are some ideas to celebrate the blue moon:

1. Catch a wolf.

2. After drinking copious amounts of Blue Moon, moon the blue moon.

3. Say, “After drinking copious amounts of Blue Moon, moon the blue moon” five times fast.

4. Use, “The blue moon made me do it” as an excuse, at least once.

-I can’t believe you just drank my beer, man!

-I’m so sorry! The blue moon made me do it!

5. Name all the celebs that have “moon” in their name.

So, you don’t believe in global warming, huh? Well, don’t tell that to Australians … they’re busy trying to ward off a ginormous iceberg floating their way.  Ok, ok, so the ‘berg is still some 1,000+ miles off the SW coast, but it’s coming.  At 140 sq. kilometers in size, it probably won’t be missed either. 

So what now?  Plan a party of course.  Duh.  Seriously, listen to these Aussie ‘party planners’ and their iceberg event.  Love (and miss) that Aussie ferver for … everything!

Arnold Schwarzeneggar did it.  Kristina Keneally has, too.  That is, a foreign-born climbing the political rope.  Keneally, born in Vegas and raised in Toledo, Ohio, was recently appointed New South Wales’ Premier.  Cheers!

“I came here because I fell in love with a man, but immediately after I came here I fell in love with this country.”

Only an Aussie!  Being sans child, I can’t say whether it’s accurate.  But, I must say it’s amusing. 

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