What does one put on an “ABOUT” page?  Here’s my attempt: a couple going on 11 years now, both grew up in South Florida, ended up living in North Florida for awhile, packed it all up and spent a year in Australia, came back, took a mini road trip around the U.S.A., and now…recently married, we’re just making the best of everyday.  Life is about the journey – not the destination.  And, I guess that’s what this blog is about.  Random musings during our journey.
While there’s no doubting the importance of facts, here are some things you may be more interested to know ABOUT J+C:

C: I don’t eat bread crust or seafood.

J: I cut the crust off C’s sandwiches, and I hate the fact that she doesn’t eat seafood. 

C: I love Madonna.  Love.  Her.

J: I love the ocean.  Surfing, wakeboarding, bodyboarding – whatever!