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Just thought I’d share a few pictures of my hood these days. I stumbled across another LW’er blog — Lake Worth every minute — and it’s a great showcase of the local faces and places, and it inspired me to post some of my pics. 🙂

It’s always easy to point out the bad in a place, yet hard to remember to look at all the good! I know Lake Worth has so much character and community, and I’m glad it’s my first residence as a homeowner. I love biking downtown for a super cold beer at Little Munich, heading over the bridge for a day at the beach or taking a run through the neighborhoods and seeing so many homes with character.

Lake Worth beach

tacos from Lupita’s!

–t-shirt for sale at a local  downtown shop

–Lake Worth pier

I finally made it to Yama, the Korean BBQ restaurant in downtown Lake Worth. I’ve always wanted to check this place out, but I’ve just been hesitant as if I’d thought the entire menu would just be in Korean. Or that everything on the menu would be served with eyeballs. Or the waitstaff would know I was a banana — yellow on the outside, white on the inside. 😉

Anywho, I managed to hold out until I could go with some pros. By pros, I mean someone who eats anything — or at least tries anything — and someone who actually lived in South Korea for a year. I figured if they couldn’t help me find something I would eat, nobody could.

But, success! I loved it! Between the six of us at the table, I was able to try a bite of most everything. (I confess, I couldn’t bring myself to try the fishcake.) For starters, we had the seafood pancake, which I thought was actually awesome — minus the seafood part. Yama had a vegetable pancake on the menu as well, and I definitely want to try that next time. Next up, the mains: on the grill we had beef bulgogi (or bulgoki) and spicy pork. And then, of course, all the food flair including kimchi. I can’t believe I tried it. I thought it was incredibly flavorful, but the spice and the pickle-y notes were a bit … uh, too much for me. And then I ordered a beef dumpling soup, which was super good! Oh, and let’s not forget the sake and beer washing it all down!

All in all, definitely worth a second visit!

A few thoughts as I’ve aged another year:

–Bacon is freakin’ good. Sorry, Bacon, I’m not sure why I ignored you for so many years/decades.

–I may not ever grow green thumbs.

–Still trying my best to not use LOL.

Seafood is still on my no-eat list.

–It’s official; I’m a cat lady. But I still want a dog someday.

–I love surfing the net for food porn.

–I still haven’t jumped out of that plane …. soon, hopefully soon!

All in all, this aging thing isn’t so bad. I’m happy, I’m employed and I’m not in foreclosure, so I can’t really complain. Sure, I’d like to not spot white hairs on my head, wear stomach-showing shirts and zebra-striped pants like I did in college (seriously, I loved those pants!) and make more money, but when the end of the day comes — all in all I’m a happy girl. Lady. Woman. Whatever.

I have to say, my thumbs aren’t green. The same olive skin and nail-bitten thumbs are still with me.

Nevertheless, lo and behold, I managed to pull off growing spring mix lettuce from seeds! From seeds … I still can’t believe it. And what’s more, it’s edible. I actually ate this. I also tried planting some romaine lettuce, but that was a fail. And, for a while, I wasn’t really sure about these greens. I think the slightly cooler weather helped.

The rest of my garden has been not quite as noteworthy. My beans are done. My romaine is pulled. My squash, unsuccessful. On the other hand, my chives are coming back, again, I think the cooler weather is helping, plus the added shade of the spring mix as it grows. My carrots were also stuck in non-growing mode for a bit, but they’re actually on the mend. We pulled one the other day just to see if it was actually growing under the ground as well as it was growing over the ground — and it was! A tiny bugger, but it’s given me hope that the others may produce something edible if I can keep from plucking them too soon!

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