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Republican Senator-elect Scott Brown just joined the ranks of … creepy dad?!  If you didn’t hear his acceptance speech, check this bit.

Just what we need: A former actor/model/athlete-turned-lawyer all up in our political system.  Did I tell you my new passport arrived in the mail?  😉

Arnold Schwarzeneggar did it.  Kristina Keneally has, too.  That is, a foreign-born climbing the political rope.  Keneally, born in Vegas and raised in Toledo, Ohio, was recently appointed New South Wales’ Premier.  Cheers!

“I came here because I fell in love with a man, but immediately after I came here I fell in love with this country.”

What an energy that this day has!  Of course, everybody is talking about the election…the radio, the TV, even my phone has been busy with “Have you voted today?!” and “Go Vote” messages and texts.

Tonight’s results (and…let’s hope it is ‘tonight’) will mean one person’s dreams may come true, yet another’s may be crushed.  In any event, history will be made.  It’s quite a thing to be a part of; this election will be talked about, analyzed, compared to, measured against, etc….  For some, who they vote for is a private matter.  For me, here I am, with a forum (this blog) to express myself, so on this final day of the 2008 Election…here it goes…

I am female.  I support a woman’s right to choose; is a democracy not giving freedom to its citizens?  I am proud to be American.  I believe in evolution.  I want humans to be treated equally regardless of gender, race, sexual orientation or religion.  I support separation of church and state.  I hope we, as a nation, regain focus on technology and science.  I am a Democrat.  And, I believe we don’t have to hold the same beliefs to respect, or even love, one another. 

We, as Americans, don’t need to separate ourselves for fear of being lost in the crowd, rather we need to unify to create a better crowd.   


So, have you voted today?????  How were the lines out there???  Where will you be watching the poll updates??

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