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I know it’s the second day of summer, and I’m not here to complain. Well, sort of. The heat, fine. The humidity, OK. But the lack of rain, not cool. In addition to making everybody’s lawn look brown and crunchy, it’s giving way to wildfires throughout Florida.

Some of the reported 300+ (I don’t know what the actual number is, as it seems to be increasing everday) fires have started as a result of lightning striking. Others because of human stupidity, I’m sure.

Check out this pic I took last week — while J and I were up in Martin County we noticed part of Hobe Sound was on fire:

So, you don’t believe in global warming, huh? Well, don’t tell that to Australians … they’re busy trying to ward off a ginormous iceberg floating their way.  Ok, ok, so the ‘berg is still some 1,000+ miles off the SW coast, but it’s coming.  At 140 sq. kilometers in size, it probably won’t be missed either. 

So what now?  Plan a party of course.  Duh.  Seriously, listen to these Aussie ‘party planners’ and their iceberg event.  Love (and miss) that Aussie ferver for … everything!

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