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This is one of my favorite weekends in Lake Worth — the annual Street Painting Festival. We made it up there Sunday, and as usual, the crowd was huge and the art was amazing! One artist was creating a piece that when viewed through a lens set up nearby, the sidewalk art looked 3-D. I am such a fan of the street painting festival, mainly because I lack any significant amount of artsy-ness in my bones, so I’m just in awe of what these artists do.

Here are a couple from the festival, but check out more on my Flickr photostream.

Garden 2010 update: Well, I haven’t completely failed. My beans are doing well; the lettuce is growing; one of my tomato plants is thriving, though not really producing anything more than green leaves.

I can’t help it.  I love my camera(s).  I had to live sans my digital Olympus Stylus Tough for three weeks, when suddenly my Monday went from “Monday” to “Monday! My camera is back!”  Do you see the improvement?  I was so snap happy I could barely contain myself.  Taking pictures of the cats.  Taking pictures of the garden. (yes! It’s still alive! Can you believe it!?) Taking pictures at my nephew’s football game. It was glorious.  Only to abruptly end.  One week and now it’s back to the shop, shipping back to Olympus.  A snafu of sorts.  My shutter is stuck shut.  I hear it trying to open.  Like after my alarm goes off, I think the louder I yell/moan/scream, the easier/faster/better it will be to wake up.  FAIL.

In any event, back to a picture-less life for another few weeks.  On the upside, I’ve taken to lugging around my DLSR Olympus and giving it some much needed love and me much needed practice.  Rusty.

I can’t leave this post without any pics, though.  Here are a couple from when we went over to the West Coast (of Florida, that is) for a wedding, and hit up the Edison & Ford Estates in Ft. Myers.  Edison was a pimp, for real.  Read up on him.

St. Pete Beach, FL

Thomas Edison's FL home in Ft. Myers

August is almost over.  Seriously, where did it go?  I hate this point in summer, when I realize it’s almost over and I have to stop bitching about how freakin’ hot it is.  (And it was freakin’ hot this weekend.)  It’s bittersweet, though.  I’ll miss the long days, but I’m happy to let the humidity drop.  I’ll miss the lazy days lounging by the pool, but I can’t wait to bust the chiminea out and make s’mores!  Oh the ups and downs of life!

The summer has been good to me, to us.  I learned how to SCUBA; we soaked up a ton of rays at Peanut Island; we celebrated our 2-year wedding anniversary; we drank good beer; we didn’t get robbed; listened to great new and old music; ate good food; the list goes on and on.

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