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I finally made it to Yama, the Korean BBQ restaurant in downtown Lake Worth. I’ve always wanted to check this place out, but I’ve just been hesitant as if I’d thought the entire menu would just be in Korean. Or that everything on the menu would be served with eyeballs. Or the waitstaff would know I was a banana¬†— yellow on the outside, white on the inside. ūüėČ

Anywho, I managed to hold out until I could go with some pros. By pros, I mean someone who eats anything — or at least tries¬†anything — and someone who actually lived in South Korea for a year. I figured if they couldn’t help me find something I would eat, nobody could.

But, success! I loved it! Between the six of us at the table, I was able to try a bite of most everything. (I confess, I couldn’t bring myself to try the fishcake.) For starters, we had the seafood pancake, which I thought was actually awesome — minus the seafood part. Yama had a vegetable pancake on the menu as well, and I definitely want to try that next time. Next up, the mains: on the grill we had beef bulgogi (or bulgoki) and spicy pork. And then, of course, all the food flair including kimchi. I can’t believe I tried it. I thought it was incredibly flavorful, but the spice and the pickle-y notes were a bit … uh, too much for me. And then I ordered a beef dumpling soup, which was super good! Oh, and let’s not forget the sake and beer washing it all down!

All in all, definitely worth a second visit!

I can’t help it. ¬†I love my camera(s). ¬†I had to live sans my digital Olympus Stylus Tough for three weeks, when suddenly my Monday went from “Monday” to “Monday! My camera is back!” ¬†Do you see the improvement? ¬†I was so snap happy I could barely contain myself. ¬†Taking pictures of the cats. ¬†Taking pictures of the garden. (yes! It’s still alive! Can you believe it!?) Taking pictures at my nephew’s football game. It was glorious. ¬†Only to abruptly end. ¬†One week and now it’s back to the shop, shipping back to Olympus. ¬†A snafu of sorts. ¬†My shutter is stuck shut. ¬†I hear it trying to open. ¬†Like after my alarm goes off, I think the louder I yell/moan/scream, the easier/faster/better it will be to wake up. ¬†FAIL.

In any event, back to a picture-less life for another few weeks. ¬†On the upside, I’ve taken to lugging around my DLSR Olympus and giving it some much needed love and me much needed practice. ¬†Rusty.

I can’t leave this post without any pics, though. ¬†Here are a couple from when we went over to the West Coast (of Florida, that is) for a wedding, and hit up the Edison & Ford Estates in Ft. Myers. ¬†Edison was a pimp, for real. ¬†Read up on him.

St. Pete Beach, FL

Thomas Edison's FL home in Ft. Myers

Have you noticed the Asian sensation on the news?

Ann Curry

Juju Chang

Melissa Lee

Tricia Takanawa

Maybe you haven’t, but I have.¬† Even though I don’t have an “I’m Asian” soapbox (OK, maybe I do, but it’s super flimsy!), it is nice to see Asian women not being portrayed as a trench girl, dragon lady or some other sexualized and/or¬† femme fatale figure.¬† Little Asian girls growing up today can aspire to be something outside the doctor-massage therapist-engineer-ho box.¬† Isn’t that nice!?

Growing up, the only things Asian I can remember are: Connie Chung, moo goo gai pan, my 4 cousins and a Cabbage Patch Kid doll that went to China.¬† She wasn’t Chinese, she just went there – her t-shirt said so.

Now, though, there’s something for everyone.¬† It’s not just blonde Barbie out there anymore.¬† There’s a teacher Barbie, Italian Barbie, doctor Barbie, Amazonia Barbie (it’s for real, I looked it up) … The Barbie I knew drove a red Corvette and had a pink toilet.¬† For real.

Ah, the Blue Moon. ¬†Both a beer (a delicious wheat beer, I might add) and a celestial rarity. ¬†Who knew? In terms of actual moons, though, the blue moon is the second full moon in a month (there was one earlier on Dec. 2) – and they only happen every 2.5 years. All right, all right … so it’ s not rare in the giant squid or white buffalo way. But, still, maybe leap year kind of rare?! ¬†And, no smurfs were harmed in the making of this moon; as it’s not actually blue in color.

This so-called blue moon is going to pop up as we’re ringing in 2010. ¬†So, if you’re in the US (sorry Australia and Asia, you get the blues on New Year’s day), here are some ideas to celebrate the blue moon:

1. Catch a wolf.

2. After drinking copious amounts of Blue Moon, moon the blue moon.

3. Say, “After drinking copious amounts of Blue Moon, moon the blue moon” five times fast.

4. Use, “The blue moon made me do it” as an excuse, at least once.

-I can’t believe you just drank my beer, man!

-I’m so sorry! The blue moon made me do it!

5. Name all the celebs that have “moon” in their name.

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