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I know it’s the second day of summer, and I’m not here to complain. Well, sort of. The heat, fine. The humidity, OK. But the lack of rain, not cool. In addition to making everybody’s lawn look brown and crunchy, it’s giving way to wildfires throughout Florida.

Some of the reported 300+ (I don’t know what the actual number is, as it seems to be increasing everday) fires have started as a result of lightning striking. Others because of human stupidity, I’m sure.

Check out this pic I took last week — while J and I were up in Martin County we noticed part of Hobe Sound was on fire:

Winter’s a bitch, no doubt. It sucks I have to endure this all winter:

I read on, “Snow present in 49 of 50 states,” and I really wanted to submit this picture of winter in Florida. I guess they were looking for more snow than sand. Oh well. Stay warm out there, my friends afar!!

August is almost over.  Seriously, where did it go?  I hate this point in summer, when I realize it’s almost over and I have to stop bitching about how freakin’ hot it is.  (And it was freakin’ hot this weekend.)  It’s bittersweet, though.  I’ll miss the long days, but I’m happy to let the humidity drop.  I’ll miss the lazy days lounging by the pool, but I can’t wait to bust the chiminea out and make s’mores!  Oh the ups and downs of life!

The summer has been good to me, to us.  I learned how to SCUBA; we soaked up a ton of rays at Peanut Island; we celebrated our 2-year wedding anniversary; we drank good beer; we didn’t get robbed; listened to great new and old music; ate good food; the list goes on and on.

Hello Summer!!

It’s official, summer is here.  Tank tops, flip flops, tan lines and enough humidity to make you crazy!!  Ahhhh, my kind of Florida.  My brother has made the switch from West Coast to East Coast now, and I can’t help but worry about his sun-deprived skin baking in a heat index of 100.  I, on the other hand, relish in this gross, sticky, humid, hot mess.

I love the cute tank tops, the summer dresses, the flirty sandals.  I love the new bathing suits, the smell of coconut and drinks with fruit in them – the mojitos, the caipirinhas, the mango lemonades!

I love that every other day the weather people get their panties in a bunch thinking some kind of ‘system’ is developing off the coast of Africa.  I love how people stress out over hurricane season.  Sure, it’s not an awesome situation.  Justin is already stressing about the “what ifs” and how we’ll manage.  I’ll tell you how we’ll manage … drinks, flashlights, Monopoly, a gas grill and candles.

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