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I have to say, my thumbs aren’t green. The same olive skin and nail-bitten thumbs are still with me.

Nevertheless, lo and behold, I managed to pull off growing spring mix lettuce from seeds! From seeds … I still can’t believe it. And what’s more, it’s edible. I actually ate this. I also tried planting some romaine lettuce, but that was a fail. And, for a while, I wasn’t really sure about these greens. I think the slightly cooler weather helped.

The rest of my garden has been not quite as noteworthy. My beans are done. My romaine is pulled. My squash, unsuccessful. On the other hand, my chives are coming back, again, I think the cooler weather is helping, plus the added shade of the spring mix as it grows. My carrots were also stuck in non-growing mode for a bit, but they’re actually on the mend. We pulled one the other day just to see if it was actually growing under the ground as well as it was growing over the ground — and it was! A tiny bugger, but it’s given me hope that the others may produce something edible if I can keep from plucking them too soon!

Garden 2010 update: Well, I haven’t completely failed. My beans are doing well; the lettuce is growing; one of my tomato plants is thriving, though not really producing anything more than green leaves.

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