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We headed out to Jupiter Beach last weekend for a late-night turtle walk. And to my surprise, SUCCESS! There were several nests already marked, and we watched as one turtle made its way up the beach. I guess it didn’t like the sand, though, because it waddled back to the ocean pretty quickly — quick, for a turtle.

I thought that was pretty cool just to catch a glimpse of a turtle, but then, TURTLE SCORE! As we were walking along the beach, heading back to our car, we witnessed a turtle laying eggs! It was awesome!! We were on the beach for an hour or so, just watching the turtle mom carve out the perfect egg nest with her back fins. Then, egg-laying extravaganza!!

What a way to kick off the Fourth of July!!

I made it to Relish yesterday. It opened in West Palm Beach, in the historic  Northwood neighborhood.

I can’t ignore a burger joint, so I made JP go there. I’ll be honest, though, the name makes me go ick. When I hear relish, I think of the gross green pickley stuff they offer up at hot dog stands. But once I made it to Relish, the green pickley image was gone.

In place, an offering of burgers — shrimp, beef, lamb, turkey, wild boar, buffalo, lobster & more — that you can top with any ‘relish’ you’d like. My choice for the first-time test was a classic beef burger with the drunken onion relish — sweet onions slow cooked in beer.

Along with the burger, they have fries (which come with one of their signature flavored salts, we chose truffle salt), craft beers, wine, wings and handcrafted milkshakes!

The verdict: Two yums up! Check out Relish’s website and menu here.

I love long weekends!  This Labor Day could not have come at a more welcome time … work is busy, summer is ending, football is starting, my diet is trying to improve.  Sounds like a good time to enjoy three days of no work!

I checked out the Lake Worth Playhouse this weekend, courtesy of the awesome husband.  He got us tickets to see “The Complete Works of William Shakespeare … abridged,” and it was great!  Three guys, tragedies, comedies and sonnets, oh my!  Even for those who aren’t keen on thee’s, thou’s and o’ers, I think the play would be  enjoyable.  I mean, funny is funny, right?! And it was pretty funny, thanks to the very talented actors, of course.  I couldn’t imagine getting up in front of an audience and performing, so I’m always in awe of those that can do it – and do it well!

Before the play, we stopped by Little Munich on Lake Ave.  I think it could be our ‘spot.’  You know, the place where you know the beer, don’t mind the bartenders and appreciate the (usually) clean bathrooms.  Plus, they have good beer on tap and it’s nice and cold in there.  We grabbed a beer before the play, then decided to head back after.  However, LM is undergoing a transformation in an attempt to attract more people and live music.  So, in that case, yaaay!  On the other hand, $10 cover to get in.  So, boooo!

The long weekend also included, of course, a trip over to Peanut Island.  As always, a g-double O-d time!  The people watching, the weather, the blue skies, the boat ride there and back, but most of all, the company!  Family and friends 🙂

I’m a blogger.  You’re a blogger.  We’re all bloggers.  Or, at least, a blog reader.  It’s not always fun or easy to keep writing and posting things that you only hope people want to read or see.  It’s time-consuming, but can also be thearaputic.  
In any event, I thought I’d pass along some blogs and websites that you can surf by while trying to look busy at your desk 🙂  Yeah, you know what I mean.  Get clickin’. – foodies rejoice photo lovers smile

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On Call- Pet Services – animal lovers unite (particularly if you’re in Portland)

Mangopunch – straight from the ATL…for now

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