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The weekend happened and I’m left with jumbo shrimp-type feelings.  A mixed bag, that is.

On one hand, the weekend was brilliant in that I got to be with amazing ladies that I love.  The destination was Clearwater Beach.  Tan lines, pina coladas and dancing, oh my!  When it comes to a girls weekend, there’s no doubt that my lady friends get it right.

Really, what more could I ask for?

Oh yeah, to skydive?  Well, that’s where the shrimp comes in.  Sadly, our skydiving adventure was an epic FAIL.  We booked for Saturday at 10 am, but as we sat at the round plastic patio-esque signing our life away, we learned the pilot was missing.  As in, he went out drinking last night and nobody’s been able to reach him since and he hasn’t show up this morning.  No shit.  Seriously, that’s what we were told, which was followed by this lovely statement:

“That’s what skydivers do.”

Soooo, the Cliff’s Notes version is: the gods were against us (or maybe with us?) to skydive.  Never fail, though, it will be done.  The drive over, the sweaty palms, the rapid heartbeat … it was not all in vain.  Now I know that it’s something I definitely want to do and would do.

Until next time 🙂

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