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Though I love my mixer, it’s not always convenient. Rather, I should say, sometimes I’m lazy. Like, when I make mashed potatoes on a Tuesday night.

So while I was at the grocery story last weekend, I grabbed a cheap potato masher to use on those lazy-potato-mashing-days. When the cashier picked up the masher, she inspected it like it was a deflated alien head.

“Man!” she screamed. “I haven’t seen anybody buy one of these in … well, forever!”

Sorry, Cashier Lady, I couldn’t find the iPad aisle, so I just grabbed this ancient technology, which I’m going to use to build my own private pyramid with in an ancient land far away.

Her response made me feel like I was buying some floppy discs and a Commodore 64. I mean, come on, I just wanted some mashed potatoes — and a little bicep exercise. Is that too much to ask for in 2011?

I have to admit, upon starting a book, I have to be OK with the idea that I may actually never finish it. So far, my moral compass hasn’t shown any signs of sputtering out. To be honest, reading for pleasure is, well, not always a pleasure. I want to do it, I love to do it, but I can’t always do it. The culprit: my job. My job is to read. All day, I read. Sometimes I read so hard that my head actually hurts. That sounds so lame. But it’s true. So, sometimes taking a book for a joyride takes a backseat, especially books. But nevertheless, I make attempts. There are beach days, weekends by the pool, doctor’s appointments, etc. that make a good book come in handy.

I like the The Know-It-All so far; it’s like Jeopardy on crack with a sense of humor. A couple of years ago, I was walking through Barnes & Noble when I saw the cover of this book by A.J. Jacobs. I read the back cover and started laughing out loud, so I opened it up to read the first page. Again, a PDL — public display of laughter. I ran over to J huffing, “You have to hear this!” As we continued to walk around the store, I was laughing out loud and spitting half sentences out to J. Finally he said, “We should get that for my grandfather.” (It was Christmas.) So we did. And I think Herb liked it. He turned around and gave it to Aunt L. who then mailed it to me! The Circle of Books. I love it!

I’m in the Gs. I hope I’ll make it to the Zs soon.

The second book I’m in the middle of is The Carrot Principle. To be honest, I must have started this book out of desperation to want to read something else, and this was all I could find. It’s really not my usual pick for word fodder. I think someone gave it to J to read. Anywho, interesting, I guess, if you’re looking for that professional motivation-how to be a better manager-get your team spirit on type of read. I like it for the that’s-why-humans-do-what-they-do aspect.

Last but certainly not least (in fact, as I’m typing this, I can think of at least 2 other books I’m in the middle of), I’m almost done with Eats, Shoots & Leaves. Another book gifted to me, from one word nerd to another. The book is dedicated to punctuation (if the title didn’t make you laugh or scoff, this book probably isn’t for you). Yep, the colon, the comma (I’ll confess, I hate the Oxford comma, there I said it), the period, the history of them all.

Even though the author is from Across the Pond, I think it should be required reading for kids here in America.

So there it is, my dirty laundry of unfinished books.

Any good reads out there that I should get a jump on?

I can’t help it.  I love my camera(s).  I had to live sans my digital Olympus Stylus Tough for three weeks, when suddenly my Monday went from “Monday” to “Monday! My camera is back!”  Do you see the improvement?  I was so snap happy I could barely contain myself.  Taking pictures of the cats.  Taking pictures of the garden. (yes! It’s still alive! Can you believe it!?) Taking pictures at my nephew’s football game. It was glorious.  Only to abruptly end.  One week and now it’s back to the shop, shipping back to Olympus.  A snafu of sorts.  My shutter is stuck shut.  I hear it trying to open.  Like after my alarm goes off, I think the louder I yell/moan/scream, the easier/faster/better it will be to wake up.  FAIL.

In any event, back to a picture-less life for another few weeks.  On the upside, I’ve taken to lugging around my DLSR Olympus and giving it some much needed love and me much needed practice.  Rusty.

I can’t leave this post without any pics, though.  Here are a couple from when we went over to the West Coast (of Florida, that is) for a wedding, and hit up the Edison & Ford Estates in Ft. Myers.  Edison was a pimp, for real.  Read up on him.

St. Pete Beach, FL

Thomas Edison's FL home in Ft. Myers

We’re approaching the three-year itch.  That is, the point where J and I are thinking, “What’s next!?”  We crossed the Florida border in May 2008, and our feet have stayed on the Sunshine State’s soil ever since.  We’re pretty settled; that is, we have a roof over our head, jobs, a car, a killer tan.  But, now what?! I can’t imagine we’re the types to stick around anywhere long enough to get a gold watch, but who knows.  I never thought I’d be the type to marry the guy I went to my senior prom with … but I did.  And that’s really working out for me … so far 😉

But, we’re both getting anxious.  We love being homeowners.  We love having stable jobs and two paychecks.  But, does homeownership and money buy happiness?  After reading this blog post, the answer is … sort of?  I’m running in circles here.  To be happy, I need to make money (above $75,000); I can stay Democrat (Lefties and Righties are equally happy, with about 70% happy-very happy); have kids (empty-nesters are “most happy”) — or not (the child-free also cite average happiness); oh yeah, and stay in love (funny, the engaged are happy, as are the separated-but-not-yet-divorced, but what about those just plain ol’ married?!).

I’m sad to hear that travel isn’t on the Make-Me-Happy list.  Whenever I’ve traveled, I’ve never had too much money in my pocket, but I’ve always had a killer smile on.  Do you ever feel like you just have to GO SOMEWHERE?  And I don’t mean to a new restaurant.

Dreaming of where to go makes me happy.  I guess that’s OK … for now 😉

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