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I’m a blogger.  You’re a blogger.  We’re all bloggers.  Or, at least, a blog reader.  It’s not always fun or easy to keep writing and posting things that you only hope people want to read or see.  It’s time-consuming, but can also be thearaputic.  
In any event, I thought I’d pass along some blogs and websites that you can surf by while trying to look busy at your desk 🙂  Yeah, you know what I mean.  Get clickin’. – foodies rejoice photo lovers smile

Florida Girl in Sydney – shout out to the expat

Renee Claire  she’s trying to save the world, what are you doing?

On Call- Pet Services – animal lovers unite (particularly if you’re in Portland)

Mangopunch – straight from the ATL…for now

Well, we’re baaaccckkk!!
You don’t even know how long our Monday was! We left Sydney at 2:30 p.m. on Monday, and then arrived in Portland, Oregon at 3:45 p.m on Monday! It was the Monday that never ended, it just went on and on my friends…. But, it was great to see family again!! My bro picked us up and later, we hit up, yep, you guessed it – MEXICAN FOOD! Ahhh, arroz y frijoles negro, te amo 🙂
Eventually, I went to bed at 11 p.m. or so, and I slept until 2 p.m. So glorious.
Anywho, leaving Australia is sad. So sad. We already miss it…especially, the weather. (Right now, we’re Portland and the mid-day temp was a cool, slightly rainy 40F. Quite different from the blue sunny skies we had just the other day.) On the other hand, we ate lunch today (my first sushi train experience) and for the two of us, our total bill was a mere $15 USD!
We spent the rest of our Tuesday as American as it comes – in a shopping plaza. We stayed within a 0.5 mile radius and managed to buy new clothes, eat sushi and pick up a new mobile phone. Ahh, America, the United States of Convenience! Fo’ sho.

Glad to be baacckk!!!

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