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The house across the street has been empty since the day we moved in. I can’t totally complain, though. The bank-owned property gets groomed every now and then, and I’ve been able to score an extra garbage can to lug out the 10,000 lbs of leaves that collect in my backyard.

The property hasn’t ‘officially’ been up for sale very long, but now it’s going up on the chopping block: a public home auction.

Is this good for my home’s value?

I’m going to cross my fingers, look to the stars and say, “Yes!”

I’m hoping someone scoops it up for a deal — I checked around online and saw ‘starting bids’ of $17K-19K — then fixes it up and moves in. Or, at least, that someone fixes it up and rents it out to awesome people.

When I saw the sign with the dates of a few pre-auction open houses first, I got excited. I really just want a chance to check out the inside of the casa. And I’m interested in seeing how a home auction works. I mean, is a fast-talking host going to stand on a soap box in front of a bunch of cash-heavy investors and homebuyer hopefuls? I didn’t catch anyone over there last Saturday, so I’m hoping I’m around for the next one.

Oh crap … if there’s a next one … I just checked, and the property listing says “Bid Pending Confirmation.”

What’s that mean!? Is a sale pending!? I’ll keep you posted!

I know it’s the second day of summer, and I’m not here to complain. Well, sort of. The heat, fine. The humidity, OK. But the lack of rain, not cool. In addition to making everybody’s lawn look brown and crunchy, it’s giving way to wildfires throughout Florida.

Some of the reported 300+ (I don’t know what the actual number is, as it seems to be increasing everday) fires have started as a result of lightning striking. Others because of human stupidity, I’m sure.

Check out this pic I took last week — while J and I were up in Martin County we noticed part of Hobe Sound was on fire:

Move over, Lance Armstrong, I don’t think this is your kind of tour.

OK, so it wasn’t the Tour de France, but there were a lot of bikes. Bottles of water? This tour had bottles of beer. Now this is the kind of tour I like. And I didn’t have to wear a tight yellow shirt or get helmet hair.

J and I hit up the annual Tour de Bar in Palm Beach County this year. What rock have I been under?! I had never heard of this event, yet it was in its 30th or something year! It was awesome to check out local watering holes we’ve never been to; we hit up everything from a classic dive in the ghetto to a fancy marina bar on the waterfront. And nothing says ‘tour’ like a crowd, beer and police!

Bye Bye 1515 Condo

Originally uploaded by luvjnx

This 30-story condo at 1515 S. Flagler Drive, got demolished on Sunday morning.  (According to the article, it was the 3rd largest implosion in the US?!)  Happy Valentine’s Day, huh?  It was an eyesore and asbestos-filled, so the people of West Palm Beach were not sad to see it go.  (I’m sure the vultures and rats said otherwise.)

Normally, a construction-related event would not move my arse to get up before 8 a.m. on a weekend, but  I thought this was something I had to see.  We drove over to the island (Palm Beach) and settled just east of the intracoastal, a little south of the Okee Bridge.  Now, I don’t know what weekend mornings are usually like at this hour, but I don’t think it’s as bustling as it was.  Seriously, you would think they were giving away Tiffany bracelets on Worth Avenue or something.  Traffic was backed up and we had to park at least three blocks out, and people, dogs, babies, the news … everyone was up and out to check this out!

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