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We made it downtown on Sunday morning to catch the annual Pridefest parade in Lake Worth. Candy, drag queens, horses and beads — I’m not sure there’s much more I could have asked for on a Sunday morning! What I loved most, though, about Pridefest was the presence of families, kids, gays, straights, and even churches marching in the parade to show their support. I love Lake Worth!

The gay polo league:

Pole dancing classes, anyone? I don’t think I can bend like that!

Now that’s a big rooster:

Ok, so I can’t figure out how to post this video from funny or die.  So, you just have to click the link and watch the musical about California’s Proposition 8 – starring Margaret Cho, John C. Reilly, Neil Patrick Harris, Maya Rudolph, Jack Black and more! 


I just have so many issues with this topic…  I keep hearing the phrase “deconsstruct marriage” and to me, that’s like saying “jumbo shrimp.”  The focus of marriage is to construct a new relationship…  We are discriminating in America still, and it’s sad.  Why is one person more valid than another?  There’s no answer, and by not allowing people to have civil rights we are making them feel invisible.

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