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Though I love my mixer, it’s not always convenient. Rather, I should say, sometimes I’m lazy. Like, when I make mashed potatoes on a Tuesday night.

So while I was at the grocery story last weekend, I grabbed a cheap potato masher to use on those lazy-potato-mashing-days. When the cashier picked up the masher, she inspected it like it was a deflated alien head.

“Man!” she screamed. “I haven’t seen anybody buy one of these in … well, forever!”

Sorry, Cashier Lady, I couldn’t find the iPad aisle, so I just grabbed this ancient technology, which I’m going to use to build my own private pyramid with in an ancient land far away.

Her response made me feel like I was buying some floppy discs and a Commodore 64. I mean, come on, I just wanted some mashed potatoes — and a little bicep exercise. Is that too much to ask for in 2011?

Behold, the power of a single letter!

I saw this one at the local bowling alley last weekend. I quickly whipped out my camera — because I don’t leave home without it — to take a picture of this lovely word oops! Afterward, I promptly notified the I-hate-my-job-at-this-bowling-alley girl that she might want to add an ‘s’ to the sign, which was displayed for every five- and 40-year-old walking in the front door. She actually seemed mad that I was telling her what to do. I was just suggesting.

And people wonder why spelling and editing are so important. Well, for me, it’s job security 😉

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