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I’ve been in a writing standstill. Eh, handstill.

But I’ve figured out why. I’ve been in a music rut. I haven’t changed out my (OK, I might date myself now …) cd case in months, and (OK, I’m not totally against technology …) I haven’t updated my iPod in weeks (OK, I kind of hate iTunes). Finally, though, I’m starting to break out and perk up. JP got me the new Beastie Boys album last week, Hot Sauce Committee Part Two. I know people say they hate it when an artist doesn’t try new stuff and stretch their musical talents. But how awesome is it when they stick to what they kick ass at and just kick ass!?

Also starting to catch up on my music podcasts. My go-to is the 538 Dance Department podcast, because I love the Dutch accent of the host and because I love house music. Anywho, caught a set by Eric Prydz that surprised me in a good way. I love when I’m not paying attention and then catch the late thought train, ‘I didn’t think I was much of a fan, but I really like this.’

And so I’ll leave you with a new tune you can groove to … this one is from Santigold featuring the awesome Karen O, Go:

It’s funny how life works.  It’s funny how society thinks our life should work.  I read a column by Lisa Kogan, where she decided to jump back into childhood by dropping by a Daisy meeting.  (For those without kids or Girl Scout knowledge outside of Thin Mints and Samoas, a Daisy is the first step in Girl Scout-hood.)  It got me thinking, why are we constantly trying to one up – a Daisy isn’t enough?  You have to aim for making it to a Brownie, then a Junior, a Cadette, a Senior … then an Ambassador!?  (No, I did not know all that off the top of my head.)

When I was in elementary school, I went to a Girl Scout meeting (Daisy?  Brownie?  I don’t know!).  It was held at our neighborhood park’s rec center (maybe?) and there were a handful of girls (at least?).  I don’t remember details, but I can’t say I walked away excited and full of camaraderie (or badges, for that matter).  I did make it to a second (or third?) meeting, and that’s when the Troop Leader asked me what size I needed for my uniform.  I replied something along the lines of, “My parents can’t afford to get me a uniform, so I can’t join.”  This, of course, was a total lie, but at that wee single-digit age, I already knew I didn’t want to be uniformed and forced into a group making wire hanger art and selling cookies.

Little did I know that joining groups and climbing the proverbial ladder is what life is all about.  There’s the corporate ladder; the social ladder; the economic ladder; the relationship ladder.  I’m not saying these are all bad, but it sure must make for being a little tiresome.  You make $10/hour, but you want to make $10k.  When you make $10k, you want the job that pays $20k.  You’ve hit that, but now you’re pissed because they just opened a $30k opportunity.  Or, you’re single and you want to be engaged.  Once you’re engaged, it’s a rush to be married.  The ladders are everywhere; we’re a bunch of rats chasing an endless supply of mice.  Not that the hunt isn’t always fun, but … it makes me wonder, are we ever content with our life?

English major or not, you should be offended by bad grammar.  I know, I know, everyone is not an Akeelah or a Grammar Girl.  And, please, I love a good typo, slang word or old fashioned Americanism (bizarro, shitload, douche bag) as much as the next person.  I drove by a restaurant advertising a “$5 Cuban Sandwish” the other day.  But, come on, a little good grammar goes a loooong way! 

We live in a world of texts and 140-character thoughts, so it’s not out-of-this-world that we would want to think of ways to speed things up and shorten them.  To be honest, I barely copy edit myself when I write this bloggity-blog.  (I should.  But, I don’t (always).)

In any event, I hope my nephews grow up knowing that tomorrow isn’t 2mrw (or whatever they’re using these days!); you has two other letters beside U; and there are more ways than 😉 to express emotion.

Here are a few grammatical pet peeves of mine, what are yours?

1. your/you’re.  Is it yours?  I hope you’re happy with the answer.

2. their/they’re/there.  They’re over there with their children. 

3. toward(s)/backward(s).  No s.  It’s not technically wrong, and I’m sure there are people who fight for the s, but not me.  Not here.  Of course, if you move to the UK or AU, by all means…take that s and run with it.  

4. redundancy.  I know I’m redundant in writing in several, if not all, of my posts.  However, I’m a fan of brevity in writing.  There shouldn’t be two twins (unless there are 4 babies total!  And, if that’s the case, run!).  You don’t need to make advance reservations.

There are many more, but I don’t want to get into a lesson here.  Teacher, I am not.  I’ll leave that to the certified. 

But, if you want to laugh at the grammar misfortunes of others, click here.

Oy.  My head is hurting.  There must be some heavy stuff in there.  Or maybe just annoying stuff.  Just stuff.  Stuff the likes of:

-growing up is weird.  

-when I die, I would like to have enough money to donate to public radio.  I heart NPR.

-I just threw away a pair of jeans that I really liked.  JP thinks I own far too many pairs of jeans.  I think he’s wrong.

The Road by Cormac McCarthy.  The lack of punctuation in contractions like “hadnt” and “cant” is slightly irksome, but understandably stylish.  (I just Googled this book, and apparently it will be a movie as well very soon…)

-I never thought I’d own a cat.  I mean, one that I really like.  

-for the past 2 years, my 4th of July holiday has not included any fireworks.  Tear, tear.

-sarcasm & humor is almost better than sweet & salty.  

-pianos are cool.  Too bad I got stuck with organ lessons as a kid.  I know, don’t ask.

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