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We’re approaching the three-year itch.  That is, the point where J and I are thinking, “What’s next!?”  We crossed the Florida border in May 2008, and our feet have stayed on the Sunshine State’s soil ever since.  We’re pretty settled; that is, we have a roof over our head, jobs, a car, a killer tan.  But, now what?! I can’t imagine we’re the types to stick around anywhere long enough to get a gold watch, but who knows.  I never thought I’d be the type to marry the guy I went to my senior prom with … but I did.  And that’s really working out for me … so far 😉

But, we’re both getting anxious.  We love being homeowners.  We love having stable jobs and two paychecks.  But, does homeownership and money buy happiness?  After reading this blog post, the answer is … sort of?  I’m running in circles here.  To be happy, I need to make money (above $75,000); I can stay Democrat (Lefties and Righties are equally happy, with about 70% happy-very happy); have kids (empty-nesters are “most happy”) — or not (the child-free also cite average happiness); oh yeah, and stay in love (funny, the engaged are happy, as are the separated-but-not-yet-divorced, but what about those just plain ol’ married?!).

I’m sad to hear that travel isn’t on the Make-Me-Happy list.  Whenever I’ve traveled, I’ve never had too much money in my pocket, but I’ve always had a killer smile on.  Do you ever feel like you just have to GO SOMEWHERE?  And I don’t mean to a new restaurant.

Dreaming of where to go makes me happy.  I guess that’s OK … for now 😉

It’s 2010.  The 21st Century.  We have movies in 3D.  We have machines that tell us how to find the nearest Target and get there, with or without using toll roads.  We make sure the family picture on the wall is level with our cell phones.  So, I wonder why the fact that today’s women are educated and successful and independent is making headlines.

Yes, some of us make more money than our male counterparts.  This report is semi-old news by now, but I still feel compelled to comment, well, because I can. 

You think Stedman is really bothered by the fact that Oprah, well, banks!?  As he shuffles between his Chicago penthouse and Santa Barbara home, I highly doubt he’s pissed that his woman makes more than  him.

And true that, some of us leave our cheating husbands.

You think Jenny Sanford is sticking around while her soon-to-be ex thinks of another crazy lie.  Sorry, I missed dinner every night this week, I was observing polar bears in Antartica.  And I’m so glad Elizabeth Edwards is separating from her political, cheating hubby.  I’m all for love, but not in the name of self-sacrifice. 

Why is this such news to people?  Women go to college, women have babies, women climb ladders, women are comfortable being single and eating dinner alone, women are comfortable being married and cooking dinner for two.  Is this news?  Apparently it is.  But why?  Ok, ok, sure there are cultural reasons, religious reasons, plain ol’ ignorance.  But really?  

In the end, though, it’s not really anybody’s business — but those involved.  My friend, Bones, told me, there are always three sides to every story: yours, theirs, and the truth.  Ain’t that the truth!?  I always keep this in mind.  Nevertheless, love is supposed to make you better; not rip a piece of your soul out and either hide it in a 1×1 box or smash it on the ground.

Soapbox removed, thank you 🙂

It was so awesome to sleep in on Saturday morning.  No more green market.  Not that I didn’t like doing it, but I definitely like sleeping past 7am much better!  And this weekend was a good one.  For one, my bro CK2 is in town from Portland.  Second, I got to attend one of my nephew’s baseball games.  On Saturday night, I got to hit up Downtown West Palm Beach with JP and my bros and sis!  First, we stopped by a cool little warehouse at 443 Flamingo Street for a Summer Clothing Line Release party.  The event was for Cotton King Inc, but they also showcased Arks Sandals, Traffic Criminal clothing and Pink Boy Blue Girl clothing (see pic) – and this line is the main reason we attended; one of the founders works with my bro CK1.  The place was a warehouse that normally hosts the likes of art shows and such.  After that, we went to Clematis Street to Dr. Feelgoods, Monarchy and Respectables.  I will not be posting those pics here 😉  Anywho, it was great to hang out with everyone.  

In an effort to unclog some of my blogger’s block, I’ve been thinking of a million and one things to post.  Should I post about that weird fruit I saw at the market?  Or, the pad thai I devoured at Thai Jo?  Maybe I’ll write about that article I read about 271 million pounds of pharmaceuticals (legally) released into our country’s waters?  (About the latter, it’s no joke.  Read about it here.)  Anywho, no matter what the topic, I seem to get about three sentences deep and then, POOF! my train of thought is derailed.  I’m like a stray dog looking for food, but instead of searching through garbage cans, I’m searching through…everything! looking for inspiration.    

But, I think I know why.  If Oprah were here, I’d tell her it’s an “Aha moment” or some other overused phrase she touts and billions pick up on.  In any event, I’ve realized that I’m lacking focus.  In Australia, I had blog focus.  Road trip across the USA, I still had blog focus.  Unemployed and now employed, I seem to have lost my blog way.  A bit.  Maybe it’s good.  Maybe I needed to get lost only to find my way back.  I certainly can’t break up with my blog, can I?  We’ve been together for two years now…what kind of Dear John letter would that sound like?  I mean, I like writing.  I want to write.  I like thinking up catchy post titles (like this) and blabbing about something I found totally absurd (this) or funny (this) and not having to worry that you don’t really care – because I can’t see you reading this, or how quickly you click off of this page/post. 

So my not-so-steady platform from which I shout (er..type) my two cents will become a little sturdier.  I hope, anyway.  As a semi-new resident of downtown West Palm Beach (going on five months now I think), I’ll try to focus on my experiences here.  The people.  The attitude.  The eats.  The beach.  The fun.  The not-so-fun.  The strange.  The funny.  The disheartening.  Of course, all of this will still be wrapped up in my usual sense of humor, accented with my paltry attempts at photography and sprinkled with a touch of sarcasm and odes to great music. 

Do you dig, baby?  For blogger’s sake I hope so 🙂

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