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And they say stoners are lazy.  Well, not those in Australia – that is, if you’re a wallaby.  Straight from the headlines: Stoned wallabies make Australian crop circles.  I would much rather read about high macropods than murders anyday.  

“We have a problem with wallabies entering poppy fields, getting as high as a kite and going around in circles,” the state’s top lawmaker Lara Giddings told local media on Thursday.

What’s more, I like that the short article ended on a factoid:

Australia produces about 50 percent of the world’s raw material for morphine and related opiates. 

Take that Intervention.  Better start planning a franchise series Down Under.  (I only have basic cable, and fortunately, A&E is one of my choices.  Whenever I hear the theme music to Intervention, I tune out everything.  The drama of going from star ____ (insert talent) to dead beat ____ (insert drug/alcohol) addict is intense.  I’m so addicted…I think I need an intervention…)

Dear World, 

Please stop talking about the Bachelor.  I don’t watch this show, but I know it’s a reality show – and therefore, there’s no reason that everyone from the girl ringing up my groceries to Good Morning America’s hosts should be spending so much time talking about.  

Boy meets girl.  Boy dumps girl.  Girl cries.  Boy moves on to new girl.  This really isn’t anything new, people.

Thank you.

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