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I wish I could buy an island.  You know, all Sir Richard Branson-like.  I’d pimp it out with hammocks made from the strongest and softest, eco-friendly material around, and then I’d invite Madonna to hang out.  Unfortunately, I’ve yet to own an airline or record company, so my island-ownership is limited.  For now, though, I just like to find myself upon a small spoil island somewhere along the Intracoastal waterway (ICW).

Spoil islands are islands composed of dredge soil,which stirred up as a result of dredging the channels.  I just read this about theislands in our area: “The great majority of islands resulted from dredging associated with the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway between 1951 and 1961.” Some spoil islands are sand and vegetation, but others, like Peanut Island are all fancied up with designated camp sites, picnic areas, partyers, etc.

Check out the lil’ spot we hung out at this weekend:

Our island for the day - I even found that chair on it!

view of the root system of a fallen tree

these lil' guys were swimming around us everywhere!

You know it’s summer when the 4-day weather forecast is: humid-hot-muggy-warm.  Ahhh, summer.  I felt the humidity just typing that.  I know I wrote that letter to Humidity awhile back (here it is), but…that was then.  This is now.  Anywho, summer means sun.  And a great place to catch some sun – Peanut Island.  It’s the teeniest little island sitting in the Intracoastal, close to the Port of Palm Beach, just north of the bridge on Northlake.  If you’re in Palm Beach County, this is a must-do!  Boaters, paddle boarders, kayakers, canoers…everybody that’s mobile via water is there!  Even the dogs!  Everybody is there to have a good time.  Makeshift volleyball nets are up.  Footballs are flying around.  Rays are swimming under your feet.  Burgers are being grilled.  Oh, you can’t forget the awesomeness of that crystal blue, clear water!  It’s a great reminder that we’re back in South Florida.  Good times, good times. 


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