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My dearest 5 blog readers,

You know I’m not a hater at heart, and I don’t like to bring politics into the blogroom. But, I have to do it tonight — I promise it’ll be quick, like pulling the band-aid off the wound. I have to ask: Who voted for Rick Scott for governor?

Seriously. I would like to know, because I know I didn’t. And I haven’t met or heard of anyone that’s said anything close to being a ray of sunshine or even an M&M found on the floor about this man. Being that my family and friends consist of policemen, firemen, teachers and other state employees, Gov. Scott is not on my good side.

Some Scott highlights:

– Visited some of South Florida’s beaches in April, wearing custom cowboy boots.


– Closed the door on high-speed rail plans for Florida.

I can’t wait for horse and buggies to make their comeback.

Signed a bill to kick off merit-based pay and new rules on tenure for teachers, plus he’s proposed education cuts that would further reduce per-child spending.

Welcome to FloriDuh!

– Proposed pension reform for state workers, which includes state employees paying as much as 5 percent of their salary to their retirement account.


Man, I like L-Dub more and more everyday.  Like, I love that L-Dub city commissioners were unanimous in their decision to support the repeal of the state of Florida’s ban on gay adoption.  I can’t believe that they’re the first to do it.  I can’t believe my state bans gay adoption.  I mean, I can … but I wish I couldn’t.

I mean, what if a gay couple wanted to adopt me?  Man, I’d be stuck like Chuck in South Korea.  (Nothing against SK, but … )  People just want to be loved and to give love, and that’s at the core of any adoption.  It’s so selfless and amazing.  I just don’t understand why a person’s sexual orientation has anything to do with that.  It’s like saying, you’re only allowed to eat brown russet potatoes.  But what about all the other delicious potatoes?  Yukon gold, Peruvian purple, fingerlings … they’re just going to continue to be filled with wonderful nutrients and grow in fields, uncared for and ignored?!   (I’m not really sure that analogy got my point across clearly, I think it just let you know that I love potatoes …)  Anywho …

In other (lighter) news, I’ve been hitting the gym.  Workin’ on my fitness at LA Fitness.  I haven’t belonged to a gym…let me restate that, I haven’t regularly attended a gym, in awhile now.  It’s good to be back.  But more than the actual work out, I LOVE the people watching.  It’s almost as good as Disney theme park people watching.  At the gym, I love playing I-Spy the … Pants-Too-Tight Guy; the Overly-Tan-and-Too-Muscle-y Lady; the Why-Are-You-Here members that just roam and never seem to land on any workout equipment; the I-Love-Spinning girl; the Whoa-You’re-Strong-For-Being-Old person; the list goes on …

I actually tried one of those spin classes – I even got JP to try one.  Craziness.  I can see how people get all amped about it.  It’s like the Jazzercise of the 21st Century maybe … ridiculous, yet effective and kind of addicting?  I’ve never produced so much sweat in my life.  Seriously.  It was kind of gross.  So why would I consider going back?!

Ok, so I can’t figure out how to post this video from funny or die.  So, you just have to click the link and watch the musical about California’s Proposition 8 – starring Margaret Cho, John C. Reilly, Neil Patrick Harris, Maya Rudolph, Jack Black and more! 


I just have so many issues with this topic…  I keep hearing the phrase “deconsstruct marriage” and to me, that’s like saying “jumbo shrimp.”  The focus of marriage is to construct a new relationship…  We are discriminating in America still, and it’s sad.  Why is one person more valid than another?  There’s no answer, and by not allowing people to have civil rights we are making them feel invisible.

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