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Rather, introducing……..”Mr. Hyde” Pace!  It’s taken us more than 11 years, but we finally did it – we adopted a pet together.  We think he’s a keeper! 

Last night we went to a place called The Trawler. It lured us in with its fun, tourist-attracting boat-shaped exterior. Oh yeah, and the promise of fresh seafood (well, that last one just lured JP in).

And the jury says: Thanks, but no thanks, Trawler. It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t let’s-come-back-this-weekend good, either.

Anywho, my point is not the restaurant review – rather the fact that being inside a restaurant with a doorway entrance and four solid walls is not sooo common. In fact, aside from The Trawler, I can’t remember the last restaurant we went to that resembed a Chili’s/Friday’s/etc… type of restaurant/design. Oh wait…we did go to the SLSC for dinner one night a month ago or so. (The SLSC is Surf Life Saving Club, and you’ll find them located on every beachfront. They serve cheap food and grog, and usually have pokies.)
Most restaurants around the Gold Coast prefer to offer their customers an al fresco dining experience. It’s so great to people-watch and eat dinner…

Typical restaurant set up in Broadbeach:

My 7-year old (soon to be 8, though) nephew just brought home a new pug puppy, and he has named her – OPRAH! Isn’t she cute!!???

And you thought Oprah just had an effect on stay-at-home moms and women in the 30-60 range!? NOT!

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