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This weekend in pictures:

The La Diva yacht (sale price in 2005, $3.75 million) up in flames on Sunday, at the Rybovich Marina in Riviera Beach.

Took my friend, Bones, to Havana Hideout in downtown Lake Worth this weekend.  We love this place … casual, dive bar-esque, outdoors, good food and pitchers of sangria (red, white, strawberry mint)!  The place really got notoriety after being featured on Food Network’s Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives.

I am going to SCUBA!!  Went out for my first lesson on Sunday, and it was awesome 🙂  We did some pool stuff and then hit up a shallow dive behind the Breakers hotel in Palm Beach.  Wow!  Under the sea!  The owner, Jason, was awesome and so enthusiastic … you can’t help but want to get in the ocean after meeting him!

What a find this weekend!  Don’t you love it when you find something cool that’s practically in your backyard!?

JP and I were going to check out Blowing Rocks Preserve, but when I called my brother – C1 – to see if he and the fam wanted to join, he suggested Coral Cove Park instead.  Just south of Blowing Rocks (and north of the Jupiter Inlet), Coral Cove Park is a two-acre artificial reef and a great place to get our snorkel on!  The reef started practically at the shoreline; ankle-deep and you’re already stepping on reef.  The water clarity was pretty good, and the fish were everywhere.  Parrot fish, puffer fish, sea urchins…the scenery was great!

Have I mentioned today how awesome our underwater camera is?!  Check out the underwater video we got along with some other pics on our Flickr page 🙂

Thanks for the recommendation, C1!!

I heart weekends.  Who doesn’t?

Last weekend, we headed to the West Coast for a wedding in Palm Harbor, FL.  While we were there, we got to check out Honeymoon Island, and it was a great state park.

This weekend, my brother & sister celebrated their anniversary!

We also got to enjoy a summer favorite – snorkling!  Did I mention how much I love my underwater camera?!  There’s a small reef directly behind the Breakers Hotel on Palm Beach, and it was filled with little fish 🙂

What’s a weekend without some good food.  The Kona Grill in City Place has “reverse happy hour” – and it rocks!  This definitely counted as our “free” day on the diet 😉

You know it’s summer when the 4-day weather forecast is: humid-hot-muggy-warm.  Ahhh, summer.  I felt the humidity just typing that.  I know I wrote that letter to Humidity awhile back (here it is), but…that was then.  This is now.  Anywho, summer means sun.  And a great place to catch some sun – Peanut Island.  It’s the teeniest little island sitting in the Intracoastal, close to the Port of Palm Beach, just north of the bridge on Northlake.  If you’re in Palm Beach County, this is a must-do!  Boaters, paddle boarders, kayakers, canoers…everybody that’s mobile via water is there!  Even the dogs!  Everybody is there to have a good time.  Makeshift volleyball nets are up.  Footballs are flying around.  Rays are swimming under your feet.  Burgers are being grilled.  Oh, you can’t forget the awesomeness of that crystal blue, clear water!  It’s a great reminder that we’re back in South Florida.  Good times, good times. 


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