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Some funny shit is out there.  Some crazy shit, too.  I love reading all the funny/crazy, but then get sad because I wonder, “Why can’t I be that funny/crazy?”  Then I remember one of my favorite phrases: If you can’t be an athlete, be an athletic supporter.  Anywho, here’s to some more of that funny/crazy:

A Ticket For Ru$h.  Politics or not, Rush Limbaugh is _____ (insert your own adjective, because all the ones I want to use won’t fit on that little line).  So, “two dudes living in Brooklyn” are vowing to raise enough money to send him there.

Hot Tub Time Machine.  I can’t say whether I actually think this movie will be funny, but I will say that I like hot tubs, the 80s and John Cusack.  So …

Oprah and Jenna Jameson.  I never thought those two names would be in the same sentence, let alone the same studio.

OMG cat.  This is just ridiculous and cute and crazy and funny all wrapped up into one.  I’m sorry, since getting a cat, I can’t help but check out these stupid cat videos.

We had the pleasure of checking out Q. Tarantino’s latest film, Inglourious Basterds.  And by pleasure, I mean 153 minutes that included smart and funny dialogue, Brad Pitt, drinking games, the girl from the National Treasure movies, shoot ’em ups, and an incredible performance by Austrain-born Christoph Waltz – just to name a few things that kept my attention.  In fact, I didn’t look at my watch phone once.  Cheers to Tarantino!!  And what’s more, I took my mom to see this movie!!  Despite the Nazi-scalping and multiple f-bombs being dropped, I think she liked it 😉 

In other news, I saw this picture of Jon Gosselin and had to post it:

I can’t even type what I really think when I see this, but I think it rhymes with ‘drool.’  Hahahaha! 

Oy.  My head is hurting.  There must be some heavy stuff in there.  Or maybe just annoying stuff.  Just stuff.  Stuff the likes of:

-growing up is weird.  

-when I die, I would like to have enough money to donate to public radio.  I heart NPR.

-I just threw away a pair of jeans that I really liked.  JP thinks I own far too many pairs of jeans.  I think he’s wrong.

The Road by Cormac McCarthy.  The lack of punctuation in contractions like “hadnt” and “cant” is slightly irksome, but understandably stylish.  (I just Googled this book, and apparently it will be a movie as well very soon…)

-I never thought I’d own a cat.  I mean, one that I really like.  

-for the past 2 years, my 4th of July holiday has not included any fireworks.  Tear, tear.

-sarcasm & humor is almost better than sweet & salty.  

-pianos are cool.  Too bad I got stuck with organ lessons as a kid.  I know, don’t ask.

In an effort to unclog some of my blogger’s block, I’ve been thinking of a million and one things to post.  Should I post about that weird fruit I saw at the market?  Or, the pad thai I devoured at Thai Jo?  Maybe I’ll write about that article I read about 271 million pounds of pharmaceuticals (legally) released into our country’s waters?  (About the latter, it’s no joke.  Read about it here.)  Anywho, no matter what the topic, I seem to get about three sentences deep and then, POOF! my train of thought is derailed.  I’m like a stray dog looking for food, but instead of searching through garbage cans, I’m searching through…everything! looking for inspiration.    

But, I think I know why.  If Oprah were here, I’d tell her it’s an “Aha moment” or some other overused phrase she touts and billions pick up on.  In any event, I’ve realized that I’m lacking focus.  In Australia, I had blog focus.  Road trip across the USA, I still had blog focus.  Unemployed and now employed, I seem to have lost my blog way.  A bit.  Maybe it’s good.  Maybe I needed to get lost only to find my way back.  I certainly can’t break up with my blog, can I?  We’ve been together for two years now…what kind of Dear John letter would that sound like?  I mean, I like writing.  I want to write.  I like thinking up catchy post titles (like this) and blabbing about something I found totally absurd (this) or funny (this) and not having to worry that you don’t really care – because I can’t see you reading this, or how quickly you click off of this page/post. 

So my not-so-steady platform from which I shout (er..type) my two cents will become a little sturdier.  I hope, anyway.  As a semi-new resident of downtown West Palm Beach (going on five months now I think), I’ll try to focus on my experiences here.  The people.  The attitude.  The eats.  The beach.  The fun.  The not-so-fun.  The strange.  The funny.  The disheartening.  Of course, all of this will still be wrapped up in my usual sense of humor, accented with my paltry attempts at photography and sprinkled with a touch of sarcasm and odes to great music. 

Do you dig, baby?  For blogger’s sake I hope so 🙂

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