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Now that I’ve upped my cable, I’ve logged way too many hours of HGTV and DIY. I love the before/after shots, I love the simple explanation of how to do something, the show-off of cool tools. What I tend to forget, though, is the magic of TV editing. These shows make you think a little sandpaper and paint make everything better. Well, sometimes.

In any event, my cable viewing made me feel up to the challenge of refinishing my dining room table. We have a black Pottery barn table, and I wanted it white.

The whole project started out OK. We moved the table outdoors. J showed me how to use his power sander. I went to town sanding. I stirred my paint. Found my paintbrushes. And then … one coat on, and helloooo rain! Seriously. Got to love South Florida weather. It was blue skies, then instant downpour. By the time we moved the table inside, the rain stopped.

Post-rain mishap, table was back outside, and after more work than HGTV made me believe, we had a white dining room table. I still need to so some touch-ups to the table, and I’m looking for new chairs, but all in all, I’m happy 🙂


Dear Bed Bath & Beyond,

I can’t help but want to shop at your locales.  Your selection of cutting boards, egg slicers, throw pillows and towel racks is vast.  In your store, I’m forced to ponder questions like, “Do I need a silicone whisk and a stainless steel whisk?” and “Would I use an egg ring, to get those perfectly round poached eggs?”  The answer is more often than not, no.  Nevertheless, Bed Bath & Beyond, you make me think!

Lately, however, I’m thinking  you’re not quite in touch with reality.  Or maybe it’s me.  But, I hope it’s the first.  Specifically, your ads for college supplies seem, well, a bit … over-the-top?  See picture below. 

Really, Bed Bath & Beyond? 

Do parents really have the money to make their college kid’s dorm look like an HGTV host threw up on it?  Are lava lamps still cool?  And those fresh, clean walls?  (My dorm walls were of the gruel-colored, faux-brick type.  I could barely get ticky tack to stick to them ensuring my Madonna poster stayed put.) 

Wondering in West Palm,


Reason #157 I love JP:  he is handy. 

Thus, we get to do fun stuff like buy old things and make them ‘new to us’!  It’s amazing what a bunch of nails, a quart of paint and sweat can do!





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