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I just read that it costs $222,360 to raise a kid born in 2009.  Now, I’m not shocked.  In fact, I thought it would be higher.  But, it made me think … what else could I do with over $200k? Well, I could …

… buy a Lambo Gallardo Spyder.

… I could eat dinner at the infamous El Bulli in Spain everyday, for almost 2.5 years.

… I could buy this BlackBerry.

… I could stay in the Bahamas at the Bridge Suite in Atlantis for 8 nights.

I know it’s 2010.  Even though we haven’t made it to a George Jetson lifestyle with talking diaries and flying cars, we’re sooo beyond Atari and 3 lb.-cell phones it’s not even funny.  I’m amazed at technology.  What’s more, I’m amazed with how it  has taken over people’s lives.  I mean, we can’t be expected to find our way to someone’s house on our own – can we?! Has a 10-year-old ever seen a paper map?  I can’t believe we don’t have something to remind us to breathe.  Oh, I hope I didn’t just jinx us.  We just can’t seem to stay away from the conveniences of technology.

The chatting and texting while driving.

The Facebook updates.

The Tweets.

My friend O and I were talking about this, and she mentioned how people don’t even know how to date without technology.  She said nobody gets ASKED on a date anymore – they get texted.  No starring at the phone for hours, then finally dialing only to hang up – repeat five more times.  On the sixth attempt, you hear a ring and a … “Hello?”  Hang up.  Nope, no more.  Instead, getting asked on a date is rendered to: R U free Mon?

What’s worse, the questions via Facebook.

Hey, can you watch my cats next week?

No, not unless you call and ask me.

Aaaarrgh!  For now, I’m just sticking by my pay-as-you-go phone for as long as possible.

Do you still use the phone?

So it is, 30 days of being 30 years old. So far, I’m still standing. My hair does look a little shabby, but that’s probably a result of me not brushing it this morning and not because of me aging. Who knows, though. Maybe I’m not brushing it because I’m aging. Oh, the conundrums!!

In any event, crazy hair or no hair, I’m still 30. I’m still OK with it. I admit, I don’t like to yell out my age to strangers. But, my patellas haven’t popped; I have all my teeth (thanks, Dr. Schlapkohl!); I can manage to get through an hour-long spin class and walk out; my driving isn’t horrible (well, any more horrible than usual); and I’m not totally out of the loop on pop culture. Yes, I know who Justin Bieber is and I kind of like Lady Gaga. 😦 To ensure balance, I also know that Josh Ritter, Matt PondPA and The New Pornographers are coming out with new albums. 🙂 (Last week I listened to the entire Josh Ritter album on NPR … and, uh, I. Can’t. Wait.)

And, to celebrate this decade of my life, I think I’m going to jump out of a plane tomorrow.

Hopefully, I’ll live to tell you about it 😉

I love fads.  They’re fad-ulous.  Fad-tastic.  They’re funny, and eventually classic (but still a little funny).

The Hustle.  Friendship bracelets.  TV dinners.  Break dancing.  And, the fashion fads – beehive hair, feathered bangs, denim jackets, platform shoes … the rebels, the grunge, emo kids.  Alas, now it’s the hipsters taking their place (back) in history.

You know, the one that’s too-cool-for-school, wearing 80s sunglasses and sporting a probably-paid-for-but-don’t-want-you-to-think-it’s-paid-for haircut.  Oh yeah, and don’t forget the PBR in hand and what-the-f*@k-right?-but-I-kind-of-pull-it-off fashion statement.  Yeah, that person.  There’s nothing more I can say about this, eh, style that hasn’t already been said.  I just wanted a reason to post hipster-related stuff that made me laugh.  Because I can’t sleep right now …

Q: How many hipsters does it take to flush a toilet?

A: You can’t touch that toilet – it’s art.

Q: How many hipsters does it take to change a light bulb?

A: It’s such a cool number, you’ve probably never heard of it.

Have you hugged a hipster today??

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