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I finally made it to Yama, the Korean BBQ restaurant in downtown Lake Worth. I’ve always wanted to check this place out, but I’ve just been hesitant as if I’d thought the entire menu would just be in Korean. Or that everything on the menu would be served with eyeballs. Or the waitstaff would know I was a banana¬†— yellow on the outside, white on the inside. ūüėČ

Anywho, I managed to hold out until I could go with some pros. By pros, I mean someone who eats anything — or at least tries¬†anything — and someone who actually lived in South Korea for a year. I figured if they couldn’t help me find something I would eat, nobody could.

But, success! I loved it! Between the six of us at the table, I was able to try a bite of most everything. (I confess, I couldn’t bring myself to try the fishcake.) For starters, we had the seafood pancake, which I thought was actually awesome — minus the seafood part. Yama had a vegetable pancake on the menu as well, and I definitely want to try that next time. Next up, the mains: on the grill we had beef bulgogi (or bulgoki) and spicy pork. And then, of course, all the food flair including kimchi. I can’t believe I tried it. I thought it was incredibly flavorful, but the spice and the pickle-y notes were a bit … uh, too much for me. And then I ordered a beef dumpling soup, which was super good! Oh, and let’s not forget the sake and beer washing it all down!

All in all, definitely worth a second visit!

I made it to Relish yesterday. It opened in West Palm Beach, in the historic  Northwood neighborhood.

I can’t ignore a burger joint, so I made JP go there. I’ll be honest, though, the name makes me go ick. When I hear relish, I think of the gross green pickley stuff they offer up at hot dog stands. But once I made it to Relish, the green pickley image was gone.

In place, an offering of burgers — shrimp, beef, lamb, turkey, wild boar, buffalo, lobster & more — that you can top with any ‘relish’ you’d like. My choice for the first-time test was a classic beef burger with the drunken onion relish — sweet onions slow cooked in beer.

Along with the burger, they have fries (which come with one of their signature flavored salts, we chose truffle salt), craft beers, wine, wings and handcrafted milkshakes!

The verdict: Two yums up! Check out Relish’s website and menu¬†here.

When I was in the 7th (or 8th?) grade, my basset hound Snoopy had puppies. ¬†(Side note: They were the cutest freakin’ things in the world. ¬†We had tri-color and brown and white ones! ¬†The neighborhood girls would knock on our door and ask to play with the puppies.) ¬†When we sold the puppies, my brother and I split the profits. ¬†Get money! ¬†I thought it was going to start raining Nintendo games and Z. Cavericci jeans. ¬†It didn’t.

Instead, my mom made me put 1/2 the money into a mutual fund that she found out about. ¬†The company literature looked like a Highlights magazine had swallowed it and spit it out complete with games and cartoon-y pictures. ¬†It showed me how much money was in the account and how much it was growing (this was in the good ol’ market days, I guess).

And grow it did. ¬†I think only put like $250 in there, and when I graduated college … I emptied it. ¬†It was enough to buy me a return ticket to Rome, Italy; a Eurorail pass; a lot of hostels; my first Birra beer; one night at an amazing hotel in Venice (we splurged); a rental apartment in Cinque Terre, Italy for two days; a ferry trip to Corfu, Greeze. ¬†It was amazing. ¬†I learned about culture. ¬†I learned about food. ¬†I learned about traveling, and my friends, and myself.

I’m not really sure how to bring this together … but, anywho, I was reminded of my Europe trip when I read this article about McDonald’s taking their corporate stick and pushing it into the mouths of the Italians — Italy minister defends boost for McDonald’s burger.

I know the locals need their fast food … but, why don’t you see chain restaurants from Italy, or Japan, or Australia, or wherever, infiltrating our market?

Last night, I came home to new music.¬† Yesss! The band: Zeep.¬† The album: People & Things.¬† They’re a duo with roots in Brasil and Germany, and their sound is¬†a¬†little¬†Brazilian, a bit tropical and a tad sweet.¬†¬†Listening to the album, I want to drink sangria or¬†smoke out of a hookah.¬† The upside of being with someone for 12 years: They can buy you an album after hearing one song and know you’ll like it – and you do.¬† Happy, happy; joy, joy.

Moving on to more important things, I dislike automatic flushing toilets.¬† I’m all for not spreading germs, particularly those from public bathrooms, but they just make me feel lazy.¬† I’m all for tv remote controls and microwaves, but come on! I can flush a toilet.¬† And, they’ll flush at the hint of a breeze.¬† I don’t like to sit on a flushing toilet, do you?¬†

In other news, I’m still keen on exploring our new hood.¬† We went downtown LW earlier this week and stopped by The Taco Lady.¬† Ah, nothing like a freakin’ good¬†wet burrito.¬† And¬†we got to sample their homemade hardshell tacos…yum to the o.¬† I don’t dislike¬†chain restaurants, but let me tell you¬†it definitely beat Moe’s.¬† Sure, we were served on a paper¬†plate and had plastic cutlery and there were only 3 tables in the place, but we got to chat with¬†locals and eat good, cheap food!¬† Speaking of food, desserts specifically, I¬†got my Monkey on and picked up some gloroious rasberry and pistachio French macarons.¬† Yes, I shared.¬† If you’ve never had a French-style mac, I highly recommend doing it.

Happy Friday the 13th!

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