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When I was in the 7th (or 8th?) grade, my basset hound Snoopy had puppies.  (Side note: They were the cutest freakin’ things in the world.  We had tri-color and brown and white ones!  The neighborhood girls would knock on our door and ask to play with the puppies.)  When we sold the puppies, my brother and I split the profits.  Get money!  I thought it was going to start raining Nintendo games and Z. Cavericci jeans.  It didn’t.

Instead, my mom made me put 1/2 the money into a mutual fund that she found out about.  The company literature looked like a Highlights magazine had swallowed it and spit it out complete with games and cartoon-y pictures.  It showed me how much money was in the account and how much it was growing (this was in the good ol’ market days, I guess).

And grow it did.  I think only put like $250 in there, and when I graduated college … I emptied it.  It was enough to buy me a return ticket to Rome, Italy; a Eurorail pass; a lot of hostels; my first Birra beer; one night at an amazing hotel in Venice (we splurged); a rental apartment in Cinque Terre, Italy for two days; a ferry trip to Corfu, Greeze.  It was amazing.  I learned about culture.  I learned about food.  I learned about traveling, and my friends, and myself.

I’m not really sure how to bring this together … but, anywho, I was reminded of my Europe trip when I read this article about McDonald’s taking their corporate stick and pushing it into the mouths of the Italians — Italy minister defends boost for McDonald’s burger.

I know the locals need their fast food … but, why don’t you see chain restaurants from Italy, or Japan, or Australia, or wherever, infiltrating our market?

I’m stealing a few moments of my day to write this quickie post.  In an intense hunger pain, I rummaged through my purse (this is why I hate carrying purses … I never have to rummage through my back pocket to find anything) and found a Luna snack bar.

Starring at this product made me wonder, What is up with products marketed toward females?  I don’t mind the pretty blues and soft browns on the packaging, but I could totally do without the silhouettes of dancing, prancing women.  The whispy, isn’t-it-fun? font is trite, too.  And, really, you support breast cancer?!  The robot-side of me applauds because, well, it’s just a nice thing for you to do.  And based on the price of your product, you can afford some penny-passing.  But, Luna, be original!  What about supporting brain cancer?  Bone cancer?  The list goes on.  Or, how about supporting cat rescue groups, because 1 in 5 of us is probably going to end up as that Cat Lady.  Also, love the organic factor — but only 70% organic?  Come on, if you’re going to advertise the organic-ness, give it your all.  Are we supposed to “feed our soul” and “lift our spirits” (yes, those phrases are really on the packaging) only 70% of the way?

1. I like toilet paper to hang over, not under.

2. To whoever invented stretch material: Thank you, and I hate you.

3. The beginning of A-ha’s Take On Me always makes me smile.

4. I can’t believe bacon + chocolate chip cookies works.  I tried it this week, it really does.

5. Webster’s New World Dictionary says ghetto blaster is a ” large, powerful, portable radio and tape player” as well as a “mildly offensive term.”  Who knew?

6. I hate using LOL.

7. I love soup.  Chicken noodle.  Vegetable.  Wonton.

8. I think flip flops should be acceptable footwear at all times in Florida.

9. I’ve heard Dave Coulier pop up on at least 3 conversations this week; I’m thinking he has more of an impact on our society than I would like to believe.

10. Not having a digital camera sucks.  Hard.

I’m backtracking here for a sec.  Thanksgiving.  The four-day weekend was much-needed and very welcome.  I wanted to take the four days and go on a bender of sorts — lots of eating, drinking and sleeping.  Not necessarily in that order, though, it would make sense in that order 🙂  And, to my surprise, great success!  Anywho, and now that the pictures are off the camera (hence this belated themed post), thought I’d share some of the fun we had.  In the kitchen, at least.

My bro, CK1, had Thanksgiving at his pad this year and offered up the staples of turkey, stuffing and mashed hella’ good potatoes.  Seriously, could have eaten the whole bowl by myself.  So, I decided I wanted to make butternut squash ravioli.  Taking on this task (along with a recipe from Michael Chiarello that I very loosely followed), I realized, yet again, how much I love my KitchenAid.  I love it like I love sporks.  As in, I know it’s not a must-have kitchen gadget like, say, a fork or fire extinguisher.  And, like a good knife, using a KitchenAid makes you feel like a pro.  Martha uses a mixer like this, Emeril uses one, too; I must be channeling Martha and Emeril.  Not.  Sans Martha, I still manged to squeak out some semblence of butternut squash ravioli.


And outside the kitchen, JP and I managed to dust off our bikes and get some exercies and fresh air.  We biked downtown on Thanksgiving night, which was a quick 10-minute ride!  Good to know!  With that ride under our belt, we felt confident we could do it again.  So we did.  On Sunday (or was it Saturday?), we made our way to the beach.  Blue skies and perfect puffy clouds made for some good scenery!


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