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Just thought I’d share a few pictures of my hood these days. I stumbled across another LW’er blog — Lake Worth every minute — and it’s a great showcase of the local faces and places, and it inspired me to post some of my pics. 🙂

It’s always easy to point out the bad in a place, yet hard to remember to look at all the good! I know Lake Worth has so much character and community, and I’m glad it’s my first residence as a homeowner. I love biking downtown for a super cold beer at Little Munich, heading over the bridge for a day at the beach or taking a run through the neighborhoods and seeing so many homes with character.

Lake Worth beach

tacos from Lupita’s!

–t-shirt for sale at a local  downtown shop

–Lake Worth pier

We made it downtown on Sunday morning to catch the annual Pridefest parade in Lake Worth. Candy, drag queens, horses and beads — I’m not sure there’s much more I could have asked for on a Sunday morning! What I loved most, though, about Pridefest was the presence of families, kids, gays, straights, and even churches marching in the parade to show their support. I love Lake Worth!

The gay polo league:

Pole dancing classes, anyone? I don’t think I can bend like that!

Now that’s a big rooster:

We couldn’t miss it, L-Dubs annual Street Painting Festival was this weekend!

I love the street painting festival because it draws a lot of attention to our downtown. And I love seeing Lake and Lucerne blocked off and filled with art, food, drink, music and tons of people!

The art, of course, was great and everything from Despicable Me and Scrabble to Jesus and Super Woman was represented.

Check out all my pics from the festival on Flickr, but below are a few of my faves, not for any particular rhyme or reason.

An interpretation of The Last Supper:

This one is in progress, but the detail was awesome:

I love the pink and purple in this one:

I made it to Relish yesterday. It opened in West Palm Beach, in the historic  Northwood neighborhood.

I can’t ignore a burger joint, so I made JP go there. I’ll be honest, though, the name makes me go ick. When I hear relish, I think of the gross green pickley stuff they offer up at hot dog stands. But once I made it to Relish, the green pickley image was gone.

In place, an offering of burgers — shrimp, beef, lamb, turkey, wild boar, buffalo, lobster & more — that you can top with any ‘relish’ you’d like. My choice for the first-time test was a classic beef burger with the drunken onion relish — sweet onions slow cooked in beer.

Along with the burger, they have fries (which come with one of their signature flavored salts, we chose truffle salt), craft beers, wine, wings and handcrafted milkshakes!

The verdict: Two yums up! Check out Relish’s website and menu here.

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