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I know it’s 2010.  Even though we haven’t made it to a George Jetson lifestyle with talking diaries and flying cars, we’re sooo beyond Atari and 3 lb.-cell phones it’s not even funny.  I’m amazed at technology.  What’s more, I’m amazed with how it  has taken over people’s lives.  I mean, we can’t be expected to find our way to someone’s house on our own – can we?! Has a 10-year-old ever seen a paper map?  I can’t believe we don’t have something to remind us to breathe.  Oh, I hope I didn’t just jinx us.  We just can’t seem to stay away from the conveniences of technology.

The chatting and texting while driving.

The Facebook updates.

The Tweets.

My friend O and I were talking about this, and she mentioned how people don’t even know how to date without technology.  She said nobody gets ASKED on a date anymore – they get texted.  No starring at the phone for hours, then finally dialing only to hang up – repeat five more times.  On the sixth attempt, you hear a ring and a … “Hello?”  Hang up.  Nope, no more.  Instead, getting asked on a date is rendered to: R U free Mon?

What’s worse, the questions via Facebook.

Hey, can you watch my cats next week?

No, not unless you call and ask me.

Aaaarrgh!  For now, I’m just sticking by my pay-as-you-go phone for as long as possible.

Do you still use the phone?

Who knew candy corn got their own freakin’ day? Though I find the buggers to be revolting (I would rather eat a can of peas), I’m going to provide you with useless trivia about the said candy:

-Candy corn has 3.57 calories per kernal

-Candy corn was invented by George Renninger in the 1880s.

Enough of that.  So, I’m happy to report that we’re plugged back into technology.  That is, we have a computer again.  You hear that, Robbers, you’re not keeping us out of the loop any longer!  Holla!  It’s so nice to have a computer (and cable!) again.  Not that we’re hard-core gamers or uber social media site users, but … it’s like, how you’re just more comfortable knowing you have a large supply of toilet paper – not that you love toilet paper, but you like to know it’s there to use.  Sorry, that was bad, but you know what I mean. 

So, stay tuned for more (frequent) posts to come 🙂 


I was reading Mangopunch’s blog, and since I’m wanting to blog yet at a loss of words, I’m totally stealing her post idea on letting you all in on a few randoms:

*I love meeting other people who don’t eat anything they swim with.

*Just watched my first episode of Lost (the pilot, of course) the other night.  If the “thing” is a dinosaur, I’m done.

*Realizing I own far too many black shirts. 

*Had our laptop stolen.  Along with years and years of pictures :(***

*I really, really like rice.   

*JP used “LOL” the other day.  LOL.

*I don’t bother to update my “status” on social networks.

*Wishes texting while driving was illegal in Florida. 

*Wondering why AT&T can’t get a tech to my casa to install U-Verse (cable and internet) until October!?

*Think it’s a teeny bit sweet when JP wants me to walk on the ‘inside’ (away from the street) of the road/sidewalk.

*Pulling weeds is kind of therapeutic.

*Had my first conference call to catch up with friends.  Why didn’t we think of this before?  I’m so 2000-and late. 

*Tried Sprite Zero; it is inferior to Sprite.

*Admires crafty people.  As in those who sew, knit, paint, etc.

There is a lot going on these days.  A lot.  On top of the general business of life & work, we’re supposed to make time to blog, tweet, post and update all of these social networking sites that have become….well, everywhere!  I admit, I have MySpace and Facebook pages, and I find the posts and updates on people’s pages to be amusing – getting nails done, having tea, enjoying the day off work, so sleepy….  And, Twitter – I can’t really go there because I don’t have an account and have never left a “tweet.”  However, Twitter has been all the buzz lately.  I heard one comment in favor of Twitter because it encouraged tight, edited & well thought out writing.  Really?  Going to college does that, too.  And so does taking a writing course or two.  Or, you could read William K. Zinsser’s On Writing Well.  (One of the best books I was forced to buy while in college, and yes, it’s still on my bookshelf.)  But, I guess those things aren’t newsworthy or very cool. 

Why are we so obsessed with knowing…everything all the time?!  And, it’s not just the kids doin’ it!  Marketers of social media sites, pat yourself on the back.  You’ve managed to rope in all demographics – from 17 to 70, it seems everybody’s online somewhere.  


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