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This weekend in pictures:

The La Diva yacht (sale price in 2005, $3.75 million) up in flames on Sunday, at the Rybovich Marina in Riviera Beach.

Took my friend, Bones, to Havana Hideout in downtown Lake Worth this weekend.  We love this place … casual, dive bar-esque, outdoors, good food and pitchers of sangria (red, white, strawberry mint)!  The place really got notoriety after being featured on Food Network’s Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives.

I am going to SCUBA!!  Went out for my first lesson on Sunday, and it was awesome 🙂  We did some pool stuff and then hit up a shallow dive behind the Breakers hotel in Palm Beach.  Wow!  Under the sea!  The owner, Jason, was awesome and so enthusiastic … you can’t help but want to get in the ocean after meeting him!

Hello Summer!!

It’s official, summer is here.  Tank tops, flip flops, tan lines and enough humidity to make you crazy!!  Ahhhh, my kind of Florida.  My brother has made the switch from West Coast to East Coast now, and I can’t help but worry about his sun-deprived skin baking in a heat index of 100.  I, on the other hand, relish in this gross, sticky, humid, hot mess.

I love the cute tank tops, the summer dresses, the flirty sandals.  I love the new bathing suits, the smell of coconut and drinks with fruit in them – the mojitos, the caipirinhas, the mango lemonades!

I love that every other day the weather people get their panties in a bunch thinking some kind of ‘system’ is developing off the coast of Africa.  I love how people stress out over hurricane season.  Sure, it’s not an awesome situation.  Justin is already stressing about the “what ifs” and how we’ll manage.  I’ll tell you how we’ll manage … drinks, flashlights, Monopoly, a gas grill and candles.

The weekend happened and I’m left with jumbo shrimp-type feelings.  A mixed bag, that is.

On one hand, the weekend was brilliant in that I got to be with amazing ladies that I love.  The destination was Clearwater Beach.  Tan lines, pina coladas and dancing, oh my!  When it comes to a girls weekend, there’s no doubt that my lady friends get it right.

Really, what more could I ask for?

Oh yeah, to skydive?  Well, that’s where the shrimp comes in.  Sadly, our skydiving adventure was an epic FAIL.  We booked for Saturday at 10 am, but as we sat at the round plastic patio-esque signing our life away, we learned the pilot was missing.  As in, he went out drinking last night and nobody’s been able to reach him since and he hasn’t show up this morning.  No shit.  Seriously, that’s what we were told, which was followed by this lovely statement:

“That’s what skydivers do.”

Soooo, the Cliff’s Notes version is: the gods were against us (or maybe with us?) to skydive.  Never fail, though, it will be done.  The drive over, the sweaty palms, the rapid heartbeat … it was not all in vain.  Now I know that it’s something I definitely want to do and would do.

Until next time 🙂

I’m sitting in front of a computer.  That means, I’m not on vacation anymore.  That means, I’m bummed.  No more pina coladas, no more Michael Jackson trivia, no more after-dinner shots 😦  Free ice cream at 11 a.m. is gone.  Rock climbing is over.  Free pizza has come to an end.  Back to the real world we go.

For seven glorious days, I was riding the seas of the Eastern Caribbean aboard the massive (4,000+ people!) Royal Caribbean Freedom of the Seas.  I miss island life.  I miss room service.  I miss watching my brother tear up a dance floor like a 9th grade report card.

Shrimp pasta in lobster sauce!

The entire fam made it on the ship, which was great!  Despite a rocky start (just a little food poisoning to get us moving!), we made it to Port Canaveral.  Our cruising destinations were: Coco Cay, St. Thomas and St. Maarten/St. Martin.  What was my fave?  St. Maarten 🙂  The French side!  The Dutch side!  The nudie beach!  The free housing for firemen and teachers!  The cheap drinks … I could go on.

View from St. Maarten

You know when you get somewhere and you just feel … comfortable?!  That’s what St. Maarten gave me.  Seeing all the ships moored in the bays made me want to sell my house, quit my job and buy a sailboat.  I could deal with the tourists, the cruise ships sailing in and out, the hurricanes … all for a bit of paradise and amazing views.  Ahhh, if only… lotto, anyone?

Check out more of my cruising pics here.

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