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I love reading recipes. I don’t always make them, and I certainly don’t always follow them even when they are in front of me. So when my favorite Brazilian Mila invited us over to bbq this weekend and said she was making her beer margaritas recipe, I was intrigued. When we bbq, it’s usually caipirinhas, not margaritas. But, of course, I had to try this beer margarita at least once.

And … it wasn’t bad. It was refreshing, given the limeaid and us using Corona. (Mila specified Modelo Especial, but the store didn’t have any. So Corona it was.) And it was just the right amount of beer-taste combined with just the right amount of margarita-taste. I don’t think I could drink these all night, but … good times 🙂

And here’s the recipe we used if you are getting thirsty:

1 bottle of beer

1 small can of frozen Limeaid

4-5 shots of tequila

2 shots of Grand Marnier, Cointreau, or triple sec

In a glass pitcher, combine everything and stir! Pour over ice and ENJOY 🙂

Hope everyone had a wonderful Labor Day weekend!!!

Hello Summer!!

It’s official, summer is here.  Tank tops, flip flops, tan lines and enough humidity to make you crazy!!  Ahhhh, my kind of Florida.  My brother has made the switch from West Coast to East Coast now, and I can’t help but worry about his sun-deprived skin baking in a heat index of 100.  I, on the other hand, relish in this gross, sticky, humid, hot mess.

I love the cute tank tops, the summer dresses, the flirty sandals.  I love the new bathing suits, the smell of coconut and drinks with fruit in them – the mojitos, the caipirinhas, the mango lemonades!

I love that every other day the weather people get their panties in a bunch thinking some kind of ‘system’ is developing off the coast of Africa.  I love how people stress out over hurricane season.  Sure, it’s not an awesome situation.  Justin is already stressing about the “what ifs” and how we’ll manage.  I’ll tell you how we’ll manage … drinks, flashlights, Monopoly, a gas grill and candles.

There was a time when liquor and I, well, were broken up.  There were a few short-term breaks here and there, but we managed to stay friendly throughout the college years.  Then, one day I decided to just cut out liquor drinks completely.  On occasion – a friend’s birthday, a hen’s party, Saturday night – I would force down half a shot.  But otherwise, no more Captain and Cokes.  Adios Red Bull & vodka.  Sayonara chocloate martini. 

And, like lightening strikes, I suddenly craved a margarita!  On the rocks.  With salt.  If you’re buying 😉  Was it the salt?  The lime?  Or…the tequila!?  I never really cared for tequila before – and I still don’t think I do.  In any event, I don’t know where the craving came from, but the combination certainly is heavenly today.

So, I’m about 55 minutes early typing this, but here’s to National Tequila Day – July 24.  Cheers to the Margarita; the Tequila Sunrise; the Long Island Ice Tea; the Tequila Mockingbird…. 


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