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First the hurricanes.  Now a freakin’ massive earthquake.  Oh, and let’s not forget Lousy Limbaugh’s comments.  Ugh.  Someone, please, give Haiti a break.  It’s a beautiful country … check out some old pics from JP’s trip there.

I’m so over it being cold.  It’s Florida – South Florida – Hello!  Floridians don’t know what to do in temps of 60s, let alone 50s, 40s and 30s.  We spray our wiper fluid to try and get rid of frost on the car windshield.  We wear coats, scarves – and flip flops.  Our cars don’t start properly.  It’s insane, well, mildly insane.

A frosted window, I can handle:

iguanas falling dead to the ground in my front yard, I do not like:

Not that it’s a topic that surfaces often, but when I hear “national cemetary” I think “Arlington.”  Who knew there were actually 130 national cemetaries in 39 states?!  I didn’t.  And Florida has 7 of them.  JP & I went to check out the South Florida National Cemetary…well, because we had nothing else to do that day.  It’s pretty cool, though, to see that South Florida is using a bit of land for something other than a  residential community or strip mall. 

P7120083 P7120101

Oy.  My head is hurting.  There must be some heavy stuff in there.  Or maybe just annoying stuff.  Just stuff.  Stuff the likes of:

-growing up is weird.  

-when I die, I would like to have enough money to donate to public radio.  I heart NPR.

-I just threw away a pair of jeans that I really liked.  JP thinks I own far too many pairs of jeans.  I think he’s wrong.

The Road by Cormac McCarthy.  The lack of punctuation in contractions like “hadnt” and “cant” is slightly irksome, but understandably stylish.  (I just Googled this book, and apparently it will be a movie as well very soon…)

-I never thought I’d own a cat.  I mean, one that I really like.  

-for the past 2 years, my 4th of July holiday has not included any fireworks.  Tear, tear.

-sarcasm & humor is almost better than sweet & salty.  

-pianos are cool.  Too bad I got stuck with organ lessons as a kid.  I know, don’t ask.

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