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It was so awesome to sleep in on Saturday morning.  No more green market.  Not that I didn’t like doing it, but I definitely like sleeping past 7am much better!  And this weekend was a good one.  For one, my bro CK2 is in town from Portland.  Second, I got to attend one of my nephew’s baseball games.  On Saturday night, I got to hit up Downtown West Palm Beach with JP and my bros and sis!  First, we stopped by a cool little warehouse at 443 Flamingo Street for a Summer Clothing Line Release party.  The event was for Cotton King Inc, but they also showcased Arks Sandals, Traffic Criminal clothing and Pink Boy Blue Girl clothing (see pic) – and this line is the main reason we attended; one of the founders works with my bro CK1.  The place was a warehouse that normally hosts the likes of art shows and such.  After that, we went to Clematis Street to Dr. Feelgoods, Monarchy and Respectables.  I will not be posting those pics here 😉  Anywho, it was great to hang out with everyone.  

I’m a blogger.  You’re a blogger.  We’re all bloggers.  Or, at least, a blog reader.  It’s not always fun or easy to keep writing and posting things that you only hope people want to read or see.  It’s time-consuming, but can also be thearaputic.  
In any event, I thought I’d pass along some blogs and websites that you can surf by while trying to look busy at your desk 🙂  Yeah, you know what I mean.  Get clickin’. – foodies rejoice photo lovers smile

Florida Girl in Sydney – shout out to the expat

Renee Claire  she’s trying to save the world, what are you doing?

On Call- Pet Services – animal lovers unite (particularly if you’re in Portland)

Mangopunch – straight from the ATL…for now

What an energy that this day has!  Of course, everybody is talking about the election…the radio, the TV, even my phone has been busy with “Have you voted today?!” and “Go Vote” messages and texts.

Tonight’s results (and…let’s hope it is ‘tonight’) will mean one person’s dreams may come true, yet another’s may be crushed.  In any event, history will be made.  It’s quite a thing to be a part of; this election will be talked about, analyzed, compared to, measured against, etc….  For some, who they vote for is a private matter.  For me, here I am, with a forum (this blog) to express myself, so on this final day of the 2008 Election…here it goes…

I am female.  I support a woman’s right to choose; is a democracy not giving freedom to its citizens?  I am proud to be American.  I believe in evolution.  I want humans to be treated equally regardless of gender, race, sexual orientation or religion.  I support separation of church and state.  I hope we, as a nation, regain focus on technology and science.  I am a Democrat.  And, I believe we don’t have to hold the same beliefs to respect, or even love, one another. 

We, as Americans, don’t need to separate ourselves for fear of being lost in the crowd, rather we need to unify to create a better crowd.   


So, have you voted today?????  How were the lines out there???  Where will you be watching the poll updates??

Well, that sums up our weekend.  At the last minute, that minute being Thursday morning, we packed up the Tacoma and headed to Nashville for B & K’s wedding.  We made it into Georgia by Thursday night; we camped at the Stephen C. Foster State Park, which was a very nice surprise 🙂  Deer, alligators, nice campsites…this place had it all.  And, we timed it just right to enjoy some seriously cool temps, like 50s (maybe even 40s in the middle of the night).  On a high note, though, I got my wish…I got to bust out those scarves after all 😉  

Anywho, we made it to Nashville just in time for the Rehearsal Dinner at B & K’s new crib (the cutest pile of bricks in Nashville!).  It was great to see all the fam, of course.  And, Saturday, we had some time to kill before the wedding so we took lil’ bro, P, and checked out downtown Nashvegas.  If you haven’t been to Nashvegas, I highly recommend it.  Even if you aren’t fond of country music.  Oh, and to boot, the weather was awesome.   In any event, we totally made like tourists and took our pictures on bridges and with plastic Elvis replicas and extremely large boots.  I’m not lying:


Then, the Wedding!  Great Success!  Both sides came to the table with a resounding “I will!” and it was a fantastic night at the Wild Turkey Ranch!  Amazing weather, chocolate cake, BBQ, Budweisers, family, horses….it was all perfect 🙂  Anywho, we’ve had a long drive back to Florida, so I’m hoping some pictures will speak a thousand and one words for me tonight….  And, to the new Bride & Groom, we love you and wish you the best!!!! 

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