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I love fads.  They’re fad-ulous.  Fad-tastic.  They’re funny, and eventually classic (but still a little funny).

The Hustle.  Friendship bracelets.  TV dinners.  Break dancing.  And, the fashion fads – beehive hair, feathered bangs, denim jackets, platform shoes … the rebels, the grunge, emo kids.  Alas, now it’s the hipsters taking their place (back) in history.

You know, the one that’s too-cool-for-school, wearing 80s sunglasses and sporting a probably-paid-for-but-don’t-want-you-to-think-it’s-paid-for haircut.  Oh yeah, and don’t forget the PBR in hand and what-the-f*@k-right?-but-I-kind-of-pull-it-off fashion statement.  Yeah, that person.  There’s nothing more I can say about this, eh, style that hasn’t already been said.  I just wanted a reason to post hipster-related stuff that made me laugh.  Because I can’t sleep right now …

Q: How many hipsters does it take to flush a toilet?

A: You can’t touch that toilet – it’s art.

Q: How many hipsters does it take to change a light bulb?

A: It’s such a cool number, you’ve probably never heard of it.

Have you hugged a hipster today??

I was reading Mangopunch’s blog, and since I’m wanting to blog yet at a loss of words, I’m totally stealing her post idea on letting you all in on a few randoms:

*I love meeting other people who don’t eat anything they swim with.

*Just watched my first episode of Lost (the pilot, of course) the other night.  If the “thing” is a dinosaur, I’m done.

*Realizing I own far too many black shirts. 

*Had our laptop stolen.  Along with years and years of pictures :(***

*I really, really like rice.   

*JP used “LOL” the other day.  LOL.

*I don’t bother to update my “status” on social networks.

*Wishes texting while driving was illegal in Florida. 

*Wondering why AT&T can’t get a tech to my casa to install U-Verse (cable and internet) until October!?

*Think it’s a teeny bit sweet when JP wants me to walk on the ‘inside’ (away from the street) of the road/sidewalk.

*Pulling weeds is kind of therapeutic.

*Had my first conference call to catch up with friends.  Why didn’t we think of this before?  I’m so 2000-and late. 

*Tried Sprite Zero; it is inferior to Sprite.

*Admires crafty people.  As in those who sew, knit, paint, etc.

Oy.  My head is hurting.  There must be some heavy stuff in there.  Or maybe just annoying stuff.  Just stuff.  Stuff the likes of:

-growing up is weird.  

-when I die, I would like to have enough money to donate to public radio.  I heart NPR.

-I just threw away a pair of jeans that I really liked.  JP thinks I own far too many pairs of jeans.  I think he’s wrong.

The Road by Cormac McCarthy.  The lack of punctuation in contractions like “hadnt” and “cant” is slightly irksome, but understandably stylish.  (I just Googled this book, and apparently it will be a movie as well very soon…)

-I never thought I’d own a cat.  I mean, one that I really like.  

-for the past 2 years, my 4th of July holiday has not included any fireworks.  Tear, tear.

-sarcasm & humor is almost better than sweet & salty.  

-pianos are cool.  Too bad I got stuck with organ lessons as a kid.  I know, don’t ask.

It’s been awhile since I actually removed some of the pics on my lil’ Olympus digi cam.  Here are the random visual goodies I found:

in da' club  Checking out some art while in Tampa a couple of weeks ago and saw this.  I thought, this is totally what I look like in da’ club.  Perhaps less bronze, though.  Holla now!!!

foreclosed  Bumping around downtown West Palm Beach, I just noticed what this building is – Foreclosure Assistance Center.  I would think there would be a line out the front door…

t-shirt  This guy was at the NIN/Jane’s Addiction concert and I quite liked his tee.  But it made me wonder, why he is just targeting bulls?  What about dog shit?  Or bird shit? 

rice  Loved these red take away rice containers from Wild Ginger (new Asian food restaurant in Cityplace).  A nice change from the white take away containers you usually get.

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