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I can’t help it.  I love my camera(s).  I had to live sans my digital Olympus Stylus Tough for three weeks, when suddenly my Monday went from “Monday” to “Monday! My camera is back!”  Do you see the improvement?  I was so snap happy I could barely contain myself.  Taking pictures of the cats.  Taking pictures of the garden. (yes! It’s still alive! Can you believe it!?) Taking pictures at my nephew’s football game. It was glorious.  Only to abruptly end.  One week and now it’s back to the shop, shipping back to Olympus.  A snafu of sorts.  My shutter is stuck shut.  I hear it trying to open.  Like after my alarm goes off, I think the louder I yell/moan/scream, the easier/faster/better it will be to wake up.  FAIL.

In any event, back to a picture-less life for another few weeks.  On the upside, I’ve taken to lugging around my DLSR Olympus and giving it some much needed love and me much needed practice.  Rusty.

I can’t leave this post without any pics, though.  Here are a couple from when we went over to the West Coast (of Florida, that is) for a wedding, and hit up the Edison & Ford Estates in Ft. Myers.  Edison was a pimp, for real.  Read up on him.

St. Pete Beach, FL

Thomas Edison's FL home in Ft. Myers

The first rule of blogging is to never apologize for not blogging.  So, um, yeah.  Here are some random pics I’ve taken with lately:

L-Dub had its annual street painting festival this weekend – and it was awesome! I missed it last year, so I definitely didn’t want to miss it this year, especially since it’s in my own hood! It’s local events like this that really give a place character. And it was great to see such a huge crowd downtown! It made me kind of happy that it’s not like that all the time 😉

And, you know I love any event where I can bring out the Big Oly. Here are a few shots I got on Sunday afternoon:

Day 1: New house, yaaay!

Day 2: New house got broken into, booo!

Seriously.  Who cleaned the shitter out on our parade?  Not a nice way to welcome us to the hood, Lake Worth.  Ahh, but I don’t take it personally.  Some people step in poo wearing Christian Louboutian shoes, some get their house broken into.  Tomato, tomatoe.

And the Palm Beach Sheriff’s department has been lovely about the situation.  The officer that responded was friendly and professional, and the next day JP received a follow-up phone call from the detective working the case – plus, she sent an email to introduce herself to me.  Unexpected, but welcome. 

At least we didn’t have a very smart thief – the damage could have been worse.  Nonetheless, we are now sans computer, awesome underwater digi cam and a wedding band 😦  What’s more, Mr. Hyde is super stressed (not to mention the other Mr.).  New location.  Burglary.  Greeeeaat.

Tears for fears, though, no way!  This weekend, I’m just going to sit and stare at our awesome pool, cypress wood (I think) ceilings, and wonder what color to repaint the “purple room.”

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