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Some funny shit is out there.  Some crazy shit, too.  I love reading all the funny/crazy, but then get sad because I wonder, “Why can’t I be that funny/crazy?”  Then I remember one of my favorite phrases: If you can’t be an athlete, be an athletic supporter.  Anywho, here’s to some more of that funny/crazy:

A Ticket For Ru$h.  Politics or not, Rush Limbaugh is _____ (insert your own adjective, because all the ones I want to use won’t fit on that little line).  So, “two dudes living in Brooklyn” are vowing to raise enough money to send him there.

Hot Tub Time Machine.  I can’t say whether I actually think this movie will be funny, but I will say that I like hot tubs, the 80s and John Cusack.  So …

Oprah and Jenna Jameson.  I never thought those two names would be in the same sentence, let alone the same studio.

OMG cat.  This is just ridiculous and cute and crazy and funny all wrapped up into one.  I’m sorry, since getting a cat, I can’t help but check out these stupid cat videos.

It’s almost here.  I can hear it knocking at the door.  For a few more days, though, 30 will have to wait outside.  I feel compelled to throw up some sort of something upon turning 30.  I mean, if Hallmark thinks it’s a milestone birthday – it must be, right?!  Corporation or no corporation, I guess it’s mildly remarkable to have survived three decades.  No amount of sodium or high fructose corn syrup can keep me down!  I’m a robot.  Beep-beep.

To be honest, I’m embracing it.  I’m totally OK with the idea that I don’t need to sleep until noon to be rested.  I’ve accepted the decreasing percentage on the chance of me going out drinking on a Tuesday.  I’m not worried about getting my ID taken from me by a bouncer.  I don’t cry when I don’t pick up the latest album on the day it drops.  I’m OK with listening to house music without being next to the speaker.  These are all good things.  I think.

Not even close to 30: I have to endure Olan Mills photo shoots and a bowl cut.

Almost 30: I’ve learned that I love to travel and will hike to elevations of 5,000+ feet to get a great view.

But I don’t want to think that turning 30 means everything from my 20s is out.  I think I still have some of the same ideals and spirit of my younger self.  Maybe even more refined ideals and greater spirit exist today?  Perhaps.  My bucket list of life continues to grow.  For every one thing I get to cross off, I’ve already added 10 more.  That’s the great thing about getting older – you realize there is MORE.  Sure, more bullshit and bad haircuts, but also more awesome views just around the corner.

It’s funny how life works.  It’s funny how society thinks our life should work.  I read a column by Lisa Kogan, where she decided to jump back into childhood by dropping by a Daisy meeting.  (For those without kids or Girl Scout knowledge outside of Thin Mints and Samoas, a Daisy is the first step in Girl Scout-hood.)  It got me thinking, why are we constantly trying to one up – a Daisy isn’t enough?  You have to aim for making it to a Brownie, then a Junior, a Cadette, a Senior … then an Ambassador!?  (No, I did not know all that off the top of my head.)

When I was in elementary school, I went to a Girl Scout meeting (Daisy?  Brownie?  I don’t know!).  It was held at our neighborhood park’s rec center (maybe?) and there were a handful of girls (at least?).  I don’t remember details, but I can’t say I walked away excited and full of camaraderie (or badges, for that matter).  I did make it to a second (or third?) meeting, and that’s when the Troop Leader asked me what size I needed for my uniform.  I replied something along the lines of, “My parents can’t afford to get me a uniform, so I can’t join.”  This, of course, was a total lie, but at that wee single-digit age, I already knew I didn’t want to be uniformed and forced into a group making wire hanger art and selling cookies.

Little did I know that joining groups and climbing the proverbial ladder is what life is all about.  There’s the corporate ladder; the social ladder; the economic ladder; the relationship ladder.  I’m not saying these are all bad, but it sure must make for being a little tiresome.  You make $10/hour, but you want to make $10k.  When you make $10k, you want the job that pays $20k.  You’ve hit that, but now you’re pissed because they just opened a $30k opportunity.  Or, you’re single and you want to be engaged.  Once you’re engaged, it’s a rush to be married.  The ladders are everywhere; we’re a bunch of rats chasing an endless supply of mice.  Not that the hunt isn’t always fun, but … it makes me wonder, are we ever content with our life?

Man, I like L-Dub more and more everyday.  Like, I love that L-Dub city commissioners were unanimous in their decision to support the repeal of the state of Florida’s ban on gay adoption.  I can’t believe that they’re the first to do it.  I can’t believe my state bans gay adoption.  I mean, I can … but I wish I couldn’t.

I mean, what if a gay couple wanted to adopt me?  Man, I’d be stuck like Chuck in South Korea.  (Nothing against SK, but … )  People just want to be loved and to give love, and that’s at the core of any adoption.  It’s so selfless and amazing.  I just don’t understand why a person’s sexual orientation has anything to do with that.  It’s like saying, you’re only allowed to eat brown russet potatoes.  But what about all the other delicious potatoes?  Yukon gold, Peruvian purple, fingerlings … they’re just going to continue to be filled with wonderful nutrients and grow in fields, uncared for and ignored?!   (I’m not really sure that analogy got my point across clearly, I think it just let you know that I love potatoes …)  Anywho …

In other (lighter) news, I’ve been hitting the gym.  Workin’ on my fitness at LA Fitness.  I haven’t belonged to a gym…let me restate that, I haven’t regularly attended a gym, in awhile now.  It’s good to be back.  But more than the actual work out, I LOVE the people watching.  It’s almost as good as Disney theme park people watching.  At the gym, I love playing I-Spy the … Pants-Too-Tight Guy; the Overly-Tan-and-Too-Muscle-y Lady; the Why-Are-You-Here members that just roam and never seem to land on any workout equipment; the I-Love-Spinning girl; the Whoa-You’re-Strong-For-Being-Old person; the list goes on …

I actually tried one of those spin classes – I even got JP to try one.  Craziness.  I can see how people get all amped about it.  It’s like the Jazzercise of the 21st Century maybe … ridiculous, yet effective and kind of addicting?  I’ve never produced so much sweat in my life.  Seriously.  It was kind of gross.  So why would I consider going back?!

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