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Ring, ring JP’s mobile went the other day.  And, lo and behold, it was Australia!  (Not the entire continent, but some bloke or other.)  Why was Australia calling, you ask; we wondered the same thing.  Did they want us Yanks back?  No.  But, apparently, they want to give us some money back!  We have to thank Australia’s Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd, for coming through on his economic stimulus plan.  His stimulus package is “amounting to about 1.8% of its [Australia’s] GDP.”  So, for those who filed taxes in 2008 and made less than $100,000AUD, you get part of $42 billion dollars…sweet!  

Yet another reason Australia makes us smile.  We’re not even in the country and we’re getting benefits!  I would, of course, love to take the money to support the Aussies.  Perhaps I can buy some Tim Tams?  Anyone?  Tim Tams?  I’ll trade ya’…..

I’m a blogger.  You’re a blogger.  We’re all bloggers.  Or, at least, a blog reader.  It’s not always fun or easy to keep writing and posting things that you only hope people want to read or see.  It’s time-consuming, but can also be thearaputic.  
In any event, I thought I’d pass along some blogs and websites that you can surf by while trying to look busy at your desk 🙂  Yeah, you know what I mean.  Get clickin’. – foodies rejoice photo lovers smile

Florida Girl in Sydney – shout out to the expat

Renee Claire  she’s trying to save the world, what are you doing?

On Call- Pet Services – animal lovers unite (particularly if you’re in Portland)

Mangopunch – straight from the ATL…for now

Pack your bags, there’s an airline fare war about to start – and we, the customers, are going to benefit!  The bad arse guy behind (most) everything Virgin – airlines, records, mobile – Sir Richard Branson has just launced a V Australia fleet.  V Australia will begin LA-Sydney flights on February 27th, and Brisbane-LA on April 8th.  In addition, new flights to Melbourne will be added in September.  YESSSS!!  Qantas and United Airlines have been the dominating airlines from US to Australia.  With the presence of V Australia, though, we can expect the prices to start droppin’ like it’s hot!

“The way to get out of recessions is try to expand out of recessions and create more jobs, bring airfares down and try to offer better quality of products…We will never go out with an empty seat so if we have an empty seat we will slash the fare,” Branson said.

Awesome!!!!!!  Seriously, this is the attitude we need in these economic times.  There are some people left in America that have jobs, and thus have money, yet there’s no incentive to spend it.  This is the initiative companies need to take to jump start job creation and pump more money into the economy.  

Read the whole article from Yahoo! News Australia here.

Back in April, I contacted about using an article I wrote about our rafting trip in Australia.  ( is a great site that contains all sorts of travel-related information (lodging, family travel, tours, etc…), plus a ton of fun travel stories – good stuff to inspire and encite the travel bug in you!)  Anywho, I just checked in – they used it!  If you read this blog regularly, then you probably already read our post about the rafting trip awhile back. 

But, here is the article on – Australia: Rafting the Nymboida River.

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