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I had to post this ridiculous picture!  This is what I think I look like when I get up sometimes.  OK, most of the time.  I get some crazy bed head, and I’m all annoyed-looking.

Oy.  My head is hurting.  There must be some heavy stuff in there.  Or maybe just annoying stuff.  Just stuff.  Stuff the likes of:

-growing up is weird.  

-when I die, I would like to have enough money to donate to public radio.  I heart NPR.

-I just threw away a pair of jeans that I really liked.  JP thinks I own far too many pairs of jeans.  I think he’s wrong.

The Road by Cormac McCarthy.  The lack of punctuation in contractions like “hadnt” and “cant” is slightly irksome, but understandably stylish.  (I just Googled this book, and apparently it will be a movie as well very soon…)

-I never thought I’d own a cat.  I mean, one that I really like.  

-for the past 2 years, my 4th of July holiday has not included any fireworks.  Tear, tear.

-sarcasm & humor is almost better than sweet & salty.  

-pianos are cool.  Too bad I got stuck with organ lessons as a kid.  I know, don’t ask.

My 7-year old (soon to be 8, though) nephew just brought home a new pug puppy, and he has named her – OPRAH! Isn’t she cute!!???

And you thought Oprah just had an effect on stay-at-home moms and women in the 30-60 range!? NOT!

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