Job – check!

Today was a good day.  After two days of rain, the sun came out in full force…and Justin accepted a job offer!  The company is AMALGAMATED Constructions (check them out here), and the project he’ll be working on just so happens to be about 10 minutes north of us; it’s a $190M project developing a residential resort & spa.  Woo-hooo!     

hahaha!  Actually, we have been car-less for the last week.  I’ve done so much walking that the pink frogs on my Converse are starting to look tired.  It’s all good, though – it’s in the name of discovery!  We’ve been able to get to explore our ‘hood a little better.  But let me tell you, exploring can be tiring.  I can’t imagine how exhausting Christoper Columbus* was throughout his career.

Ahoy, mates, there is more land ahead.  I want to check it out, but damn, I am so tired from discovering all that land yesterday.   

Anywho, I guess this just means I’m getting a little more ER; as in oldER.  Back to my discoveries, though.  We went up to the shopping center that’s about a 10-minute walk from here.  It comes complete with food court and all, as well as a Big W (Wal-Mart here), 2 grocery stores, a bakery (no block is complete without a bakery here in Australia), etc….  We also took a run through the Burleigh Heads Nat’l Park this week.  It’s so crazy to think that one minute I’m walking on a beach, the next minute I’m running through tropical forest with wild turkeys running around and earthworms so big that they just might entice a sailfish or something.   

Nature and malls aside, we’ve also been on the hunt for a vehicle.  All week I’ve been singing Tracy Chapman’s Fast Car song.  You know, hoping that if I sing long enough about a car, it will just, like, show up in our parking spot.  Hahaha!   

You got a fast car

I want a ticket to anywhere

Maybe we make a deal

Maybe together we can get somewhere

Anywho, Justin is on the hunt for a campervan.  Cars are a dime a dozen here, so we’re just looking for the right one.  If we can get a campervan, we can take it for mini-tours around Australia.  I’m hoping for a V-Dub van, but we’ve heard the parts aren’t so readily available and such.  We’re a lot of things Justin and I, but mechanic is not one of them.  So, along with “find job,” “find car” is now on our to-do list as well.  Until then, we’re being green and utilizing public transportation (did you guys check out the link for Ideal Bite on the left?). 

What else?  I guess I could go into what Aussies are listening to today.  They say you shouldn’t judge a person by their looks, but how about by their CD collection?  It’s not so much concerning who or what genres they listen to, rather the variety (or lack thereof) they have.  That’s just my opinion.  Anywho, having a car for awhile and only 1 cd, we were forced to listen to the radio.  Along with Aussies love of electronic music (the dancey-housey kind mostly, and a few big names like Tiesto and Armin van Buuren), the selection ranges from local faves like Powderfinger and the John Butler Trio, to international players like The Killers, Pink, Avril….  And, Michael Buble?!  A crooner-type who is thrilled with the fact that Oprah loves him, thereby the entire population of 40-somethings are scooping up his album.  (No dissing here, really, just commenting.  I’m sure you’re quite good, Mr. Buble.)  Also, I’ve heard more Chris Isaak in the past couple weeks than I have in last decade!  We had lunch at a Belgian restaurant last week, and in the rotation was “Wicked Game.”  So, while eating my belgian beef & creamy mash (mashed potatoes) and drinking our Chimays and Stellas, we suddenly felt the need to roll around on the beach…in black and white….with a model.  Ahhh, Australia, thank you for enticing these warm feelings.  

Until next time, people!   

*ahh, editor’s note here: What you choose to believe about the depth of CC’s “discoveries” is up to you.  Personally, I’m not quite sure why he’s so celebrated in North America other than the guess that he was well marketed.  He may have introduced horses and small pox to the New World, but he certainly didn’t “discover” it first.  But, hey, no matter what, thanks for the day off CC!   

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