er, that would be Hungry Jack’s here in Australia.  (Due to a trademark conflict, the fastfood giant was forced to make a name change!  ha!  Way to stick it to the corporate world!)

My point of this blog is similar to the fact that Austrailians drive whatever they drive, the same rings true of work it seems.  A job is a job.  There doesn’t appear to be anybody trying to “climb the corporate ladder” here.  Whether you’re passing out french fries, scrubbing floors, building a highrise or managing a hotel – it’s all the same here.  It’s refreshing to not feel like I’m in some rat race to buy the biggest house; or the fastest car; or have the most Pottery Barn furniture.  Granted, I dont have a job at all right now, so technically, I’m in no race.  I’m like, the flagwaver at someone else’s race.  (Actually, I may have a job doing some work for my former employer, which is great news!)  Anywho, I really do appreciate this air of Australians regarding work. 

All right, this is just a quick note as I’m updating this blog in the middle of a “mall.” 

Miss you all!! 

I’ve finally a chance to catch up on some American celebrity gossip, and shit, I missed the MTV awards!  Didn’t they get the memo that I was out of the country and didn’t have access to MTV?  It must have fallen through the cracks of some underage intern over there at Viacom.  And, my usual news infomant, ie VL, is not by my side to fill me in on what happened!  *VL, I expect an email with an update on who wore what, who had bad hair, and who arrived with who.  Thanks!  J/k!*  In other news, did Paris Hilton go to jail?  haha!  I can’t believe how “newsworthy” they deem this event – even here in Australia where Celebrity news seems to take a backseat to, well, real news. 

As for the news of Justin and Cara, well, we might have found a place to live during our stay in Australia.  It’s an older unit, but it sits in the heart of Burleigh Beach.  Cafes, bakeries, market, beach…it’s all within walking distance.  Walking distance is key as we aren’t sure of how our transportation situation is going to be for the long run.  We rented a car to drive from Sydney to the Gold Coast (Jerry the Getz), then went carless for awhile.  Go figure! – literally – lose the car, lose the weight!  (I think that should be Trek’s new logo)  I’m worried my ring may slip right off my finger…or, maybe a kangaroo will jump out and put it in its pouch…either situation would be equally bad, although the 2nd would at least be funny!  Anywho, back to our car situation, we’ve just rented a car for a couple of weeks in an effort to help us get by while we look for a place to live – and for jobs.  The bus system here is quite good – runs frequently, covers all areas – but it’s definitely a car-loving country. 

In fact, Aussies don’t seem to car what they drive, just the fact tht they’re driving.  The cars here are quite interesting.  There are no Suburbans or Tahoes, no Acuras (yeah, the Acura TSX is just a Honda Accord here – same body style and everything, just different emblem!).  Instead, they have a lot of Hondas, Holdens, Mazdas…and, yesss, the V-dub is alive here in Australia.  I haven’t seen any Jettas (I miss Joni!), but there are Golfs and Polos.  There are also Toyotas here, but instead of Tacomas, they have the Hilux.  I am enjoying my time not driving, but I do miss it.  (We have another manual vehicle.)  Oh, how I miss driving down the highway while listening to Madonna full blast. 


I rang in 2007 with a fantastic white wine – a viognier.  My friend, Rondell, ordered it knowing it or not, that it would be a crowd pleaser.   Anyhwho , now in Australia, I purchased a viognier 2005 out of South Australia, Yalumba.   It is absolutely fabuous, as it must be considering I’m on my 2nd bottle.  Anywho, just wanted to pass this along to all.

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