A few thoughts as I’ve aged another year:

–Bacon is freakin’ good. Sorry, Bacon, I’m not sure why I ignored you for so many years/decades.

–I may not ever grow green thumbs.

–Still trying my best to not use LOL.

Seafood is still on my no-eat list.

–It’s official; I’m a cat lady. But I still want a dog someday.

–I love surfing the net for food porn.

–I still haven’t jumped out of that plane …. soon, hopefully soon!

All in all, this aging thing isn’t so bad. I’m happy, I’m employed and I’m not in foreclosure, so I can’t really complain. Sure, I’d like to not spot white hairs on my head, wear stomach-showing shirts and zebra-striped pants like I did in college (seriously, I loved those pants!) and make more money, but when the end of the day comes — all in all I’m a happy girl. Lady. Woman. Whatever.