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The 6.3-magnitude earthquake in Christchurch, New Zealand, has been all over the news. No lie, I’d take a category-5 hurricane over an earthquake any day. New Zealand is such a beautiful country, the north and south islands, and I can’t wait for the day I get to go back.

This is what Cathedral Square looked like when I visited Christchurch:

This is what it looks like since the 6.3-magnitude earthquake hit:

I can’t believe how much money I’ve spent on cds. Yes, compact discs.

So futuristic. So round. So awesome. I love everything about a new cd. The cover art. The art of getting the label sticker off to open the case. Would there be lyrics included? That’s always a bonus. Who would the artist thank? What producers stepped in and on what tracks and where did they use a sample? I have spent so many hours (and dollars!) in music stores — Blockbuster music, Uncle Sam’s, FYE. I would search for cds with B-sides; cds with live versions; cds imported from other countries (my fave!); cds with bonus tracks; cds with remixes. New cds, used cds. I loved them all.

Nobody can say I didn’t do my part to help keep the cd industry alive throughout the 90s.

But then along came the devil, eh, I mean Steve Jobs, er, I mean, Apple, oh yeah, and the iPod. And so it seems, the death of cd sales.

Will scrolling through iTunes be the only way the youngest generation knows how to ‘shop’ for music? Ugh. Someone bring me a cassette tape player, stat, I need to make a mix tape that conveys how I feel.

Winter’s a bitch, no doubt. It sucks I have to endure this all winter:

I read on, “Snow present in 49 of 50 states,” and I really wanted to submit this picture of winter in Florida. I guess they were looking for more snow than sand. Oh well. Stay warm out there, my friends afar!!

Hello, it’s the Happiest Place on Earth. Disney World, that is … and it’s about to get bigger. I hadn’t been to Disney in way too long, so I was super excited to make a quick weekend trip over. We were total park hoppers and Disney experts along with our friends D & JP, making it to Disney World, EPCOT and MGM in one day! People mover, check. Tower of Terror, check. Soaked on Splash Mountain, done. Drinks in Mexico and dinner in Japan, definitely.

And I was excited to see that Disney is improving and expanding Fantasyland! Looks like I’ll be seeing you real soon, Disney 🙂

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