We’re approaching the three-year itch.  That is, the point where J and I are thinking, “What’s next!?”  We crossed the Florida border in May 2008, and our feet have stayed on the Sunshine State’s soil ever since.  We’re pretty settled; that is, we have a roof over our head, jobs, a car, a killer tan.  But, now what?! I can’t imagine we’re the types to stick around anywhere long enough to get a gold watch, but who knows.  I never thought I’d be the type to marry the guy I went to my senior prom with … but I did.  And that’s really working out for me … so far 😉

But, we’re both getting anxious.  We love being homeowners.  We love having stable jobs and two paychecks.  But, does homeownership and money buy happiness?  After reading this blog post, the answer is … sort of?  I’m running in circles here.  To be happy, I need to make money (above $75,000); I can stay Democrat (Lefties and Righties are equally happy, with about 70% happy-very happy); have kids (empty-nesters are “most happy”) — or not (the child-free also cite average happiness); oh yeah, and stay in love (funny, the engaged are happy, as are the separated-but-not-yet-divorced, but what about those just plain ol’ married?!).

I’m sad to hear that travel isn’t on the Make-Me-Happy list.  Whenever I’ve traveled, I’ve never had too much money in my pocket, but I’ve always had a killer smile on.  Do you ever feel like you just have to GO SOMEWHERE?  And I don’t mean to a new restaurant.

Dreaming of where to go makes me happy.  I guess that’s OK … for now 😉