All week it’s yogurt, cheerios, salads, soups and then BAM! The weekend throws my normally decent diet into a tailspin.  Burgers, beers, tacos … oh the Mexican food.  Speaking of which, there is no shortage of here in L-Dub.  I love it.  It was the foodstuff I missed the most while overseas.  Nobody gives out free chips and salsa like America!!!  Holla!

There are all sorts of Mexican dives around the hood, and I love that a lot of them have the ‘walk up’ factor – order your food, leave, sit, whatever you want.  Los Cabos/Lupitas, the Taco Lady, Havanas, Don Ramon’s, Zapatas, Tacos al Carbon … seriously, all this in one ZIP code.  It’s amazing.  Havana has a kickin’ cafe con leche, plus it’s open 24 hours a day.  Don Ramon’s ropa vieja hits the spot.  Tacos al Carbon, can’t go wrong.  And this weekend I was finally able to try Los Cabos Mexican Grill/Lupitas, and it was, of course, awesome.  There’s a walk-up window you order from and if you want to sit, there are a handful of tables out front.

What more could I ask for?!  Maybe 30 more minutes at the gym 🙂