I’m sitting in front of a computer.  That means, I’m not on vacation anymore.  That means, I’m bummed.  No more pina coladas, no more Michael Jackson trivia, no more after-dinner shots 😦  Free ice cream at 11 a.m. is gone.  Rock climbing is over.  Free pizza has come to an end.  Back to the real world we go.

For seven glorious days, I was riding the seas of the Eastern Caribbean aboard the massive (4,000+ people!) Royal Caribbean Freedom of the Seas.  I miss island life.  I miss room service.  I miss watching my brother tear up a dance floor like a 9th grade report card.

Shrimp pasta in lobster sauce!

The entire fam made it on the ship, which was great!  Despite a rocky start (just a little food poisoning to get us moving!), we made it to Port Canaveral.  Our cruising destinations were: Coco Cay, St. Thomas and St. Maarten/St. Martin.  What was my fave?  St. Maarten 🙂  The French side!  The Dutch side!  The nudie beach!  The free housing for firemen and teachers!  The cheap drinks … I could go on.

View from St. Maarten

You know when you get somewhere and you just feel … comfortable?!  That’s what St. Maarten gave me.  Seeing all the ships moored in the bays made me want to sell my house, quit my job and buy a sailboat.  I could deal with the tourists, the cruise ships sailing in and out, the hurricanes … all for a bit of paradise and amazing views.  Ahhh, if only… lotto, anyone?

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