Bye Bye 1515 Condo

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This 30-story condo at 1515 S. Flagler Drive, got demolished on Sunday morning.  (According to the article, it was the 3rd largest implosion in the US?!)  Happy Valentine’s Day, huh?  It was an eyesore and asbestos-filled, so the people of West Palm Beach were not sad to see it go.  (I’m sure the vultures and rats said otherwise.)

Normally, a construction-related event would not move my arse to get up before 8 a.m. on a weekend, but  I thought this was something I had to see.  We drove over to the island (Palm Beach) and settled just east of the intracoastal, a little south of the Okee Bridge.  Now, I don’t know what weekend mornings are usually like at this hour, but I don’t think it’s as bustling as it was.  Seriously, you would think they were giving away Tiffany bracelets on Worth Avenue or something.  Traffic was backed up and we had to park at least three blocks out, and people, dogs, babies, the news … everyone was up and out to check this out!