When you haven’t gone anywhere in awhile, you forget how awesome it is to go away.  To travel.  To see someplace new.  To see someplace old.  To taste new things.  To do something different.

And so it was, we got to escape the humdrum of homeownership last weekend.  We headed south to Key West to celebrate JP turning 30.  (We’ve almost known each other for half our lives.  Strange, and wonderful.)  So Key West was a very good time for us.  Good food.  Good margaritas.  Good wine.  Maybe too much good.  Nah, no such thing as too much good!  Liquid goods aside, we managed to sneak in some touristy things.  Rented scooters.  Snorkeled.  Walked up and down Duval.  Took pictures of roosters.

Some things you probably already knew about Key West:

The Southernmost point.  The crazy cat guy.  The sunsets at Mallory Square.

Some things you might not have known about Key West:

The true southernmost point.  An African cemetery.  The original Sloppy Joe’s.