I’m stealing a few moments of my day to write this quickie post.  In an intense hunger pain, I rummaged through my purse (this is why I hate carrying purses … I never have to rummage through my back pocket to find anything) and found a Luna snack bar.

Starring at this product made me wonder, What is up with products marketed toward females?  I don’t mind the pretty blues and soft browns on the packaging, but I could totally do without the silhouettes of dancing, prancing women.  The whispy, isn’t-it-fun? font is trite, too.  And, really, you support breast cancer?!  The robot-side of me applauds because, well, it’s just a nice thing for you to do.  And based on the price of your product, you can afford some penny-passing.  But, Luna, be original!  What about supporting brain cancer?  Bone cancer?  The list goes on.  Or, how about supporting cat rescue groups, because 1 in 5 of us is probably going to end up as that Cat Lady.  Also, love the organic factor — but only 70% organic?  Come on, if you’re going to advertise the organic-ness, give it your all.  Are we supposed to “feed our soul” and “lift our spirits” (yes, those phrases are really on the packaging) only 70% of the way?