I know, they call them DIY projects – but, honestly, all by yourself?  Cue Celine Dion: All by myself, don’t wanna be, all by myyyyselllff … I’m sure there are a ton of DIY projects – painting a room, making popcorn, hanging a curtain rod, feeding the cat ….

JP and I decided to tile two bedrooms and a closet.  Now this, I’ve learned, is NOT a DIY.  Rather, a DIT project: Do-It-Together.  There’s no way one person could do this.  Thankfully, JP is rather handy and knowledgeable and has magic powers that get me to agree to taking on projects like this – so this was a do-able task.  With any construction-related project in the Pace casa, however, I have to take the role of peon given my degree in English and his in Building Construction Management 😉  In any event, after a slow start, some YouTube searching (me, on how to grout – this guy’s tip on leaving the ‘chunks’ … it really worked!), getting our hands on an awesome tile cutter (thank you so much, V!), a lot of coffee and one minor ‘tude meltdown (me, it was Day 2 and 40 degrees outside!), we’re pretty much done.

And in this process, I’ve learned some valuable and miscellaneous things:

1) My knees are far more valuable (and feeble) than I thought.

2) It (and in the Pace casa, “it” is everything) always takes longer than planned.

3) My wee arms cannot even hold a chalk line down.

4) Realized, however, I actually knew what a chalk line is and is used for.

5) Cleaning buckets of tile set and grout and tools in 40-degree weather is not cool … it’s freezing.

6) Gloves are amazing.

7) Construction is not a science, but an art.  Well, maybe a little of both 😉


The house as we bought it with ugly purple room with rug:

… painted Mint Ice Cream (an earlier project) and rug removed, showing lovely old school chalkboard-colored vinyl tiles:

… tile almost done! (And new wooden blinds!  Really, is there anything JP can’t do?!  He is quite amazing.)